Any recommendations for good Intestine (Offal) Dishes?


Have a guest flying in that really enjoys offal dishes, but particularly great Intestine dishes. I know Aburiya Raku’s Pork Intestine Skewer (part of their Yakitori Menu) is awesome, so that’s one item.

Does anyone have other restaurants they can recommend around L.A. that makes great Intestine dishes?


Paging Peter (AKA @TheOffalo)…

Beef tripe noodles at Bull Demon King in Rosemead.

I just had a serving of great konowata (fermented sea cucumber intestine) at Shunji. N.B.: Must have sake with that.

Tripas tacos at either Taco Zone or Tacos Arizas in EP.

BeBe Fusion
Shen Yang
Dong Ting Chun

Ahgassi Gopchang in Koreatown for a Korean BBQ take on intestines, tripe etc.? Haven’t been there myself so can’t speak to quality.

Thanks all.

@J_L, thanks for sending the Bat Signal. LOL :slightly_smiling: I’ll have to try the Tripe Noodles soon.

@ipsedixit, darn you got my hopes up that Patina did an Intestine dish! LOL. :slight_smile: I do see Sweetbreads and I remember I had some good terrine / liver mousse the last time I was there.

For the first 3 you listed (BeBe, Shen Yang, Dong Ting Chun), do you know if they have Intestine in particular? And do you know if the dish is listed in English on the menu?


Yes, and yes.

At BeBe, there’s pork intestine noodles, and an intestine with oysters dish if I recall correctly, and at least one or two others.

At Shen Yang there is pork and chicken intestine dishes

At Dong Ting Chun, you can get really gnarly with stinky tofu with intestines. Win-win.

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By the way, forgot to mention.

Should also consider Sham Tseng. Good deep-fried intestines, as well as stomach. In fact, they’ll just about make you anything from the inside of a pig if you ask (and order ahead of time).

Kinjiro for their beef guts miso stew. Not really the name but I am pretty sure it has tripe in it along with some other goodies like tongue.

Duong Son in Westminster used to do a great version of braised pork intestines, but I haven’t had it in years as my Mom has perfected her own recipe with a less barnyard-y funk.
I hear Kim Tar in Cerritos can do it it too. Both are braised in a broth of XO wine/cognac, star anise, cloves, cinnamon, etc. and

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Hakata Yamaya in Lomita does a respectable motsunabe (beef intestine stew) and also a yakiniku that’s half beef and half beef offal. They have their own ranch up in the PNW and with cheap sapporros on tap it’s pretty much the best little steakhouse in the south bay. Haven’t been in a couple of years. Might have to head down this weekend.

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Menudo at Juquila?

Sorry, I don’t really have much to add. Don’t get to have many intestine dishes too often. I’ll get the “big sausage wrapped small sausage” (fried intestines with the Chinese sausage) at MJ Cafe Express or the tripas tacos at El Chato. Would have to travel further out from the Westside to get more. Definitely want to check out the intestine specialists in Koreatown.

But… But… your screen name… :slight_smile:


Thanks @theoffalo. What K-town intestine specialists would you recommend?

I haven’t been to them yet, I know of two: Ahgassi Gopchang (mentioned above) and Byul Gobchang, but many Korean restaurants serve intestines. Look for gopchang, daechang, or makchang on the menu.

Along the line of Hakata Yamaya, Shin-Sen-Gumi Shabu Shabu in Gardena also serves Horumon BBQ and Motsu-Nabe. I’ve never had either there, but they had great Happy Hour alcohol deals when I went a few years back.

In K Town I like Han Bat Sul lung tang. The soup is great for a day like today.

Ahgassi Gopchang seems to be the reining gopchang champ but Star BBQ also has an insanely cheap and good quality AYCE intestine and other stuff after 10pm. Or did in the past at least.

I’ve had both at SSG Shabu Shabu in Gardena and they are good intestinal dishes!

I also forgot BCD Tofu has an intestines soondubu if someone doesn’t want to get too full eating solo at a KBBQ place with a big order of intestines to themselves.