Any reports on Mekelburgs?

Tried searching and nothing came up but seeing a lot of positive posts from food blogs and sites.

The owners are good friends of mine so I can’t claim total objectivity, but I will say that if it wasn’t really good, I would keep my mouth shut & wouldn’t have gone back so many times already. By the way, Daniel is a long time CH, Mouthfulsfood & eGullet poster.

I go back with Dan too. He was good buddies at Maryland with all my friends from Queens. Maybe we’ve crossed paths?

Good to hear. I’ve got to get back to NYC to try that Mek Muffin.

Wow. And to think I didn’t believe that he actually went to college. We probably did cross paths. I’m the older balding guy that’s around because they like my wife.

alternatively just look for the guy who looks like he burned out at a grateful dead show in 1972. during a 63 minute workout of “st. stephen”.

1972? Thank you. My first Dead concert was around '68, when even Pigpen was alive. The burn out started on Halloween night 1970, when they played Stony Brook. Coincidentally, the first time that Daniel & I met we talked a lot about the Dead (& ODB). Ahhh… memories.

Are you a Stony Brook alum? I went to grad school there. I’m way younger than you, though.

Yep. Undergrad from '70-74.

Grad '89-94. It must have been interesting to witness those pretty early days of SUNY at Stony Brook. But I digress… :slight_smile:

It was. Lots of activity on many, many fronts. You would have especially loved the music. We had large concerts in the gym that covered all of rock from Pink Floyd to the Allmann Brothers, but also included major jazz like Pharaoh Sanders, Alice Coltrane & Miles. We had smaller, intimate type performances in the Union auditorium that brought in folks like Jackson Browne (before he released his 1st album). And we had outdoor event-like concerts, including The Who doing Tommy just after its release & Jefferson Airplane doing all of Volunteers. Classes that I took included “The Art of Minstrelcy” taught by Richard Dyer-Bennett. As a musician, I bet you’d even get to have the mice follow you out of the dorms and into the woods (that’s as close as I get to a flute joke…sorry).

Okay…back to Mekelburg’s. It’s really good.

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Sounds really interesting. I’d love to chat about this with you over a drink some time.

Sure…e-mail me. We can meet at Mekelburg’s (or elsewhere).

Just as an aside, I plan to hang out at Mekelberg’s tomorrow (Sun) afternoon. Drink, eat, watch the Jets/Buffalo game…

If anyone’s interested, I’ll be the guy in the bar area named Steve.

J Son… How are you my friend… Just did a news search on Mekelburg’s and surprised to see this thread… You have to come out and see me the next time you are out East…

Hi Steve R! Hi Pan!

The next time I’m in NYC I’m bringing my kids and we are staying for a while. Do you have free Wifi?

Coming in for the MekMuffin then going to transition into some of your nice meats, excellent beer and whatever else you tell me to eat.

Congrats on all the accolades. Keep on trucking.