Any reports on Spring DTLA?

Was thinking of going for dinner next week.

Curious how it is. They displays a certain lack of awareness in their choice of name though since there is already a well-known restaurant in DTLA called The Springs saturating Google, making it impossible to locate their website/location/etc… through normal search enginge means.

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Couldn’t find the website through a simple Google search so I went to recent the LAT article and found the website that way:

Looking forward to reports – I remember reading articles from nearly 2 years ago saying it was supposed to open in Spring 2015.

Any updates?

Food looks good.

Supposedly from the Church and State people.

I have not personally gone, but a few of my very foodie friends went and said it was the worst meal they have ever had in California.

Someone else can go take the hit based on that feedback for my part.


I really like the place, especially for lunch.

Lobster risotto I had there might have been one of the most memorable dishes I’ve had in a while (and I’m not even that big of a lobster fan).

The salade niçoise looks almost too dainty to be eaten, and just looking at it you think there are maybe four or five ingredients missing, but once you dig in you realize everything is just right. All of ingredients synergistically work in unison to strike the right notes – from the brininess of the olives to the warmness of seared tuna to the sweet tartness of the cherry tomatoes – everything tastes fresh and slightly this side of effervescent.

And the room is lovely as well. I may have my wedding there, though I’m not a fan of the chartreuse chairs.


I actually did make it for dinner at Spring over a month ago. There was a recent LA Times review by Jonathan Gold as well.

I had somewhat mixed feelings about the restaurant. My biggest complain during dinner was the poor level of service. We had the 5 course tasting menu and the servers when they brought the meal did not do an adequate job explaining the dish. I like to know exactly what I am eating.

I had the wine pairing and although the wine and pairing was excellent, the wine did not necessary get served at ths right time. Arrrh!!!

The food was a hit and miss. The Legume de Saison was one of the best vegetable dish that I have ever had. Every vegetable was perfectly cooked and seasoned. The duck was under seasoned and slightly over cooked. The appetizer was a crudo of some kind (forgot the fish) and tasted like they forgot an ingredient. The stripe bass dish was very good as well. Desert was lacking IMO but could be just what they offered for the tasting menu.

I hope they can improve on the service and consistency. I will probably make it back again at some point because I have some really great meals at Patina when Tony Esnault was cooking there several years ago.

fresh tuna in a nicoise? it’s a shanda for the neighbors.

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An traditional or authentic nicoise is not something to get overly excited about. It’s basicly a crudite plate with canned tuna. No lettuce, no blanches beans, no salad dressing, no potato. Give me an inauthentic nicoise that takes the idea and makes it taste good.

what constitutes “an traditional or authentic nicoise” is nothing close to codified, and i’ll get overly excited
about whatever i zoroasterdamn well please, though i’m not here. and there is a planetoid of difference between
excellent preserved tuna (in glass or can) and “canned tuna.”

lighten up, cupcake.

hahahahah :ok_hand: