Any suggestions for good full menu Vietnamese?

Looking for something like Seattle’s Tamarind Tree - a full menu, specifically looking for a wide variety of salad rolls and depth beyond pho and bun dishes.

West Side preferable, possibly heading toward the South Bay.

little sister
the district

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I hold Gingergrass (Silver Lake) in high regard. It may not be very authentic, but to me it’s better than run-of-the-mill Vietnamese restaurants if you’re looking for something beyond pho and a gazillion varieties of pork. Their fresh spring rolls are perfectly prepared. I haven’t been to any of the ones PorkyBelly mentions.

Brodard is likely the best if you want homestyle Vietnamese food…it’s in the OC, but it worth the drive. I wouldn’t eat Vietnamese food in the South Bay or on the westside because it’s way better down south.
@PorkyBelly has provided you with a fair list if you’re looking for upscale Vietnamese…but I have a hard time shelling out upscale prices for that style of Vietnamese…the homier the better.

I would recommend Vien Dong over Brodard easily if you’re driving all the way down. They’re 1 block apart.

Brodard is just good for their pork rolls. Everything else is pretty average.

At Vien Dong get the bun cha hanoi, sparerib noodle soup with chayote and green plantains, and the tamarind catfish. They also have main dishes like simmered pork with egg, etc. If you’re still hungry the bun bo hue is also very good. Much more flavorful than bun bo hue so 1. You can specific all beef so you don’t get the foot portion (assuming you don’t want the foot portion).

Garlic and Chives perhaps?

i took a look at the TT menu, and frankly, i’m little skeptical since the menu includes bun rieu & bun bo hue which are central vietnamese,along with a lot of mainly southern vietnamese stuff; the places down here in s. cal. tend to focus on either northern, central or southern vietnam cuisines as there are very noticeable differences in the regional cuisines in terms of available ingredients and spices.

someone who knows little saigon very well might know of a place that does north central & southern vietnamese well, but i can’t think of one.

To be fair, I think the food in Vietnam, where there are a lot of Vietnamese people, is pretty shitty, and Americanized Vietnamese is an advance.

I’m guessing too much spiked egg nog rips away one’s sensibilities. His two other posts in the same general time frame appear to ne in conjunction with this diatribe.

Rolling through the WS to the SB doesn’t offer much, but it does get better as you head south. The WS has the least - Nong LA is probably closest to what you’re looking for, but it is small and the menu is limited.

Gingergrass is Vietnamese but my wife says many of the dishes have an “American” feel to them. She said the ingredients are very fresh though (IMO critical in this cuisine). GG is also far out of the way based on your implied travel route.

The SB has far more Vietnamese choices - mostly Lawndale and Gardena - but probably don’t fit your wants either.

None that I can think of or have been to have the atmosphere of TT or a broad menu that is worthy. The ones that score higher on “Vietnameseness” tend to be in the rougher parts of Gardena (Pho Ever on Rosecrans and another place on Crenshaw). Secretasianman referred to the geographic separations of the cuisine - his understanding and sophistication level is obviously higher. I personally wouldn’t get caught up in that as long as a place’s renditions agree with your palate. Most places outside of Little Saigon are going to offer generalist menus for the most part with some adding in a regional dish or regional section on the menu.

This really leads you down to north OC. Brodard and Vien Dong light years ahead of anything to the north. Vien Dong is more homey and the servings seem huge, especially the generous portions of greens and herbs… Brodard’s atmosphere is probably closer to TT. I defer to Porthos and the other OC members as to which is better.

I am a big fan of Saigon dish in Lawndale not far off the 405 in the South Bay. A great neighborhood place where the owner really knows everyone’s name. Also one of the few places that has a large variety of vegetarian dishes including pho.

Vien Dong always delivers.

Dont eat a lot of Vietnamese, but tried Mama Hongs in West LA a couple weeks ago and liked it quite a bit. Near Wilshire and Barrington.

What??? I live right near there and had no idea there was a Vietnamese place that just opened. Is it in the strip mall w/ The Palace? Will have to try it out…

Based on my experience in Burbank expect 213 Vietnamese and not 626/714 Vietnamese.

Don’t know about the OP, but, for me, that might be okay. I literally live a few mins away from this location, and if it scratches in itch… Of course, I live w/i easy walking distance of Formerly Known as California Wok and go there almost never…

Not much on the menu but I like Viet Noodle Bar well enough but it is not very authentic.

Have you looked at Nong La Cafe on la brea?

It popped up on my radar recently and the pictures look pretty authentic.

Cannot vouch so you may want to look at menu/pictures and scout.

I gotta try this place out… was thoroughly unimpressed with Brodard, even though I went to the Chateau…

Need to expand my Vietnamese horizons. But it seems like no one has covered the cuisine.

Anyone have lists of places to go and dishes to be eating in Lil Vietnam?

Haven’t been myself but my friend just texted me that she’s in a 1hour line at OC & Lau. The garlic snails and razor clams look good.

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Quite honestly, the Chateau is just supposed to be pretty and garners higher prices. I much prefer the original because the food is better. The Chateau is just good for large parties, banquets, and to take the OC gentry who wouldn’t be able to handle regular Vietnamese places.