Anybody ever go to Summer Fish+Rice on Robertson?

On Robertson south of Wilshire a little more than a block… I’ve been impressed with the quality of the fish. It’s definitely Beverly Hills sushi with wacky rolls and a variety of traditional and non-traditional appetizers available.

Been a handful of times - for dinner they have an 11 piece omakase for $45 and an 8 piece for $35. Also some other reasonably priced set menus in addition to the regular a la carte menu.

My 11-piece omakase began with kale salad and then a starter dish of two seared slices each of regular tuna, salmon, and yellowtail, each in some sauce. Yellowtail “carpaccio” with fried garlic and maybe shallots was the standout. Then the sushi came, it was a fried shrimp head and a bunch of single pieces of nigiri - sweet shrimp, halibut fin, uni on salmon roe, snapper, scallop, and a couple others I don’t recall. All fresh and delicious.

They also have beers on tap including some american micro-brews if you’re tired of Kirin. A la carte would get expensive fast, especially with the funkier rolls being in the $14-18 range.

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