Anybody have Lisbon recommendations? (It's practically Spain?)

I’ll be doing a few of the Basque country heavyweights then I’m gonna swing down to Portugal for a week or so. Anybody have any recommendations for Lisbon or the Algarve coast? I’d prefer homier, more traditional stuff, but if there’s an exceptional modern place, I’m also willing to check it out. I’d prefer to keep meals under 100 euros a person before drinks…

Thanks y’all!

We had a great local-style lunch at Cervejaria O Gordo in Torres Vedras, which is up the coast about 30 minutes from Lisbon.

Recommended in Lisbon:
Cervejaria Ramiro - amazingly fresh seafood and beer:

Pizzeria Lisboa - We really wanted to go to Cantinho do Avillez, but were too late to get a reservation. I hear great things. We ended up at José Avillez’ pizzeria, which was quite charming and reasonably-priced. They have good salads and pizza, and it was a nice change of pace after eating a lot of protein-based Portuguese food: José Avillez

Bom Jardim feels like a tourist trap. It’s one of those places where they put bread and butter on your table and then charge you if you eat it. Their piri piri chicken is fantastic, though and the sauce is really addictive. It’s a nice lunch and they have cute tables in an alley.

A lot of people like 100 Manieras, but I found it to be pretentious, expensive and not mind-blowing. I’d skip it and try to go to one of the Avillez spots.

Hope that helps!

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Ahh thank you for this! Cervejaria Ramiro looks good, as do all the Avillez’ restaurants. I’m a sucker for even mediocre piri pier chicken (hello Nandos) so Bom Jardin will definitely be on my list.

Did you find any amazing egg tarts?

It seemed like there were very good egg tarts everywhere! I can’t recall any of the bakery names, but we stopped and got coffee and a tart a few times and they were always delicious.

Also - the experience of getting a shot (or three) of cherry liqueur at A Ginjinha is definitely work the day drinking coma that ensues. It’s one of my fondest memories of maybe my favorite city in the world.

Damn you like Lisbon that much? I’m trying to decide how much time to spend there versus how much time to spend on the coast. Do you think four days is sufficient in Lisbon given that I only have a week in Portugal this time? :frowning:

Also, any random activities (they don’t have to be food-related) that are a must there?

If you want to experience the coast in Portugal I wouldn’t drive to the south of Lisboa but take a rental car and drive up north. Figueira, Peniche, Coimbra etc. are great towns to visit

That’s actually what we were planning on doing! Glad to see some affirmation of our plans though! Do you find it particularly hard to drive in Portugal?

Coming from Europe I find driving in the US much more annoying, e.g. I am always amazed how some light showers in California cause complete chaos on any streets

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I do like Lisbon (and Portugal) that much! I agree with honkman that heading north up the coast is the way to go. We especially like the little towns along the coast like A dos Cunhados and Santa Cruz in Torres Vedras. Driving is easy and everything is closer together than you think. Driving in Lisbon is mayhem, though - get a car when you are heading out.

I think 3-4 days is a perfect span for a first Lisbon trip. Definitely get a ticket for the #28 trolley - it does a big loop around the city and you can jump on and off as you please. The trolley and the incessant tiled buildings are charming as shit.

Sounds good to me. Looks like I’ll have four full days in Lisbon which I’m very excited about. And the rest will be devoted to the coast above the city! Should be a grand time, I’ve been looking at pictures and can hardly believe how many buildings are covered in tiles. Absurdity.

Thanks for your help!