Anybody have much intelligence about the Harlem scene?

I’m up in Morningside Heights and keep ambling through Harlem in search of good eats. Somedays I do better than others. Really enjoyed some west African place on 116th called La Savane, but I had worse luck with a Caribbean-style seafood shack called LoLo’s.

I have The Cecil, Awash, and others on my list. Where else do I need to go?

Zoma, 113th and 8th, is a must.

Jado Sushi with Nakajima (top 5 in Manhattan for sushi/omakase)

Lee Lee’s (for Rugelach)

Safari (Somali food, just get whatever the owner, Mona, tells you to get)

Jin Ramen (get ramen, spicy tonkotsu style, and make sure to save room for the pork buns)

I’ll go soon. Only an eight minute walk for me! Better than Awash on Amsterdam?

Thanks for the replies. Safari sounds like a must. I’ve been working on trying as many different types of African cuisine as possible. Somali will be a new one!

I’ve been to Jin Ramen and love it! I’ll try the pork buns next time.

Had no idea about Jado Sushi. Any idea how much the omakase will run there?

Thanks for the tips!

You might also want to try Awadh (Northern Indian) on Broadway/97th.

Awadh is already in my rotation :wink: So damn good. Any idea on how much the omakase will run me at Jado?

85/person to start.

How high at the end of the night? Only you and the itamae determine that.

Dammit, 85 aint too bad a starting point. Now you’ve went and got me all excited!

After you’ve gone and tried the sushi omakase, and if you’ve enjoyed the experience, I highly suggest you make a reservation for the omakase kaiseki meal at Jado (with Nakajima).

To me, it is a poor-man’s version of Masa. In price only. Not quality, nor presentation.

My goodness such high praise. And all in this little spot in Harlem? I actually walked by Jado the other day and thought it couldn’t possibly be good based on location prejudices, etc.

How glad to know I was mistaken…

ah harlem…fond memories of my $350/mo 1500 square foot apartment near 125 and broadway in the early 90s…ive got Dominican pals a bit uptown from you and we like these spots…I think it’s pretty cool up there…some “interesting” dive bars (not listed below)!

there’s also this pizza shop called Koronet down by Columbia that does a slice bigger than some entire pies for $3.50 (maybe that’s a bit more now)

Arco Cafe

How long has that place been there? I walked by the other day and it was completely empty. Hope it survives/I’ll try it soon!

I loved my meal (one so far) at Awadh, but it isn’t in Harlem.

set0312, are you also looking for Upper West Side recommendations?

Agreed, but OP mentioned Awash, so I thought I would throw in Awadh as well.

Yes, Upper West Side works as well!

This is a very rangy thread, but since it’s for a Columbia student, a lot of Upper West Side and some Harlem places are covered: Chowhound

If you have comments or questions about any of the places mentioned, have at it!

Haha that was for me on chowhound! I love that thread but it didn’t cover too many Harlem spots!

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Ah yes, same username, too. Dunno why I didn’t notice that. :smile:

I had some very good chicken at Samuelson’s place on 116th and 8th, which I don’t think I mentioned in the other thread. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant, and I’m not sure I’ll go back any time soon, because Zoma is 3 blocks away, but it’s probably worth your trying.