Anybody Try Mido Pies?

Chinese meat pie chain has landed here with two locations, one in the Westfield Santa Anita mall and the other in the Puente Hills mall, such that there is no exterior signage to tip off us Chinese restaurant hunters. Is it worth a separate trip?

I believe it is Mydo Pie at Santa Anita mall. I walked by but didn’t try.

Did make it to Mydo Pie in the Puente Hills mall. The chicken pie, a large soft binglike creature was quite good, but at noontime today there were no other customers and one employee. (At least they were properly staffed.) Menu of two beef pies (pepper, curry) and two chicken pies (spicy, teriyaki) was surprisingly short. In contrast to the lack of business here, the Makino Buffet (one of the few LA area buffets with a Japanese name that actually serves Japanese food beyond sushi) was full to the gills. Mydo Pie is right by the AMC theaters, so maybe their targeted audience may be the moviegoers.

I tried the chicken curry pie this past weekend in Santa Anita. I saw them making the dough and filling behind the counter, which surprised me because I thought they were likely only came pre-packaged and reheated.

The actual pie itself was okay. It kind of seemed like an Asian “Hot Pocket.” The crust was less flaky than I thought and a bit drier than I expected.

Since I happened to be in the Santa Anita Mall today I decided to stop by that branch. Mydo Pies essentially has been carved out of open space on the edge of the food court and when I approached it from the rear it looked like they were closed because nobody was in sight. Even as I approached the front counter I was still thinking it might be closed, but then I finally saw one employee sitting in back, head down eating his lunch. So in two lunchtime visits to their two locations there have been a total of zero other customers. Tried their other varieties which were very good and I could see how they might want to make the jump across the Pacific Ocean. On the other hand, with a four item menu and apparently few customers, you might want to come here sooner than later because who knows how long they’ll last.