Anybody Try These Chinese Home Cooked Meals?

Closest I ever came was buying Mama Lu’s dumplings from her living room freezer before she opened up her restaurants. Also recall a storefront on a side street in San Gabriel where they sold fresh cooked boxed dinners for pickup every evening.

I know many who sell on both WeChat and Line.

And many aren’t really “home cooked”

I think my parents bought “home made” dumplings many years ago, but they would have been from family friends.

I (or my grandma, rather) buy some zongzi via an acquaintance’s from time to time. Also know that this lady used to sell from her home, as well as deal in front of a 7-11 from time to time (but not as much via latter method nowadays, for obvious reasons).

lots of vietnamese egg roll vendors via the old grandma’s network. anyone know if they’ve gotten into any of these chat apps?

Not what you asked :slight_smile: but I doubt there’s anything similar that’s as easy to make as cha gio:

I ate SO many while in Vietnam for about ten days that it was one of the first things I cooked when I got home.

Back to your regular programming :slight_smile:

It’s easy but I’m lazy, especially when I can get them 2-3/$1 from the old grandmas network


Oh, I know. And so much better than McD’s “dollar menu.”


Do articles like these tend to trigger Health Department investigations? Are they red flags for Franchise Tax Board/IRS?

I was thinking the same. The participants in these transactions would be such small-time catches - a total waste of time IMHO. Plus, the number of inspectors attached to the various agencies are supposed to be stretched very thin.

But these people would be easy targets as well. The “low hanging fruit” image comes to mind. I’ve seen health inspectors in action in the past, and they have not been kind to well-meaning eatery owners/personnel. Even when the eateries are within guidelines and code, inspectors dressing down the owners/staff for things that “might” happen “if” “then” - kind of crap - in front of customers - makes me think that although much bigger fish are out there to fry, they might very well go after the little fish.

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Yes, the “low hanging fruit” analogy is apt; definitely an easy way for someone to bump up their numbers if they’re feeling pressure to write more citations, etc.

I’ve a neighbor who uses the app to sell homemade pastries; spoke with her this morning and she says she’s not dealing with any new clients as a result of this article.

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What do you mean?

Oh, the irony.

The beginning of the end for front yard lemonade stands?

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The health departments might go after them because they are local. I doubt the IRS or state franchise department will go after them. The amount of revenue is very small.

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