Anyody been to Bombay Grill on Highland north of Santa Monica Blvd

My understanding is that it is the same owner as when it was a hole in the wall located in the mall with the Trader Joes west of La Brea. When I lived in that neighborhood I loved the place - Super warm service and excellent freshly prepared food. Anyone been to the new(er) location?

I haven’t, but you’ve intrigued me. I walked by it a zillion times going to that TJ’s, and never went in. It was always empty. I assumed it was a front.

A front ???

For, you know, the mob.

in LA ???

In that neighborhood? Russian mafia. Yes.

oh, shit.

btw: is that usual the sign of good food ???

in this case it was but this case was a little different:

the food was exceptional there and the fucking article is quite an interesting read.