Anyone been to Arth Bar & Kitchen in Culver City?

Wondering if any FTCers have eater at Arth yet?
Thanks in advance -


warrior: we had one delivery from there. Very good, top 10% of LA Indian I would say. Ingredients (e.g., delicious chilean seabass) were noticeably better quality than most Indian places. Spicing was refined, and I was happy to see the Indian baby eggplant with sesame sauce, which is a classic that you don’t see on many restaurants’ cookie cutter menus (which will of course have baingan bharta).


Agreed with @PeonyWarrior. Went on Friday March 11th and had a great time!


  • Signature Butter Chicken - Butter Chicken definitely tasted more refined than other versions I’ve tried around LA. It also felt noticeably less “creamy” as in the sauce wasn’t diluted with cream but still remained rich and impactful. The chicken was super tender, but without being uncomfortably soft which can happen if it’s been marinating in acid for too long. Basically doesn’t taste generic.

  • Mint Chicken Tikka - Refreshing, light, herbal and incredibly tender chicken. Again, just on the borderline of being too uncomfortably soft, but still very substantial like chicken.

  • Chilean Seabass - fresh, incredibly fatty, delicate, meaty, tender. Prepared expertly and overall fantastic

Their cocktails are also solid
Mira Meets Pedro - Tamarind tequila drink using jal jeera as a “margarita salt” genius!
Bangalore to Jalisco - Citrus forward, balanced, refreshing tequila cocktail.

All in for the above 3 entrees, 2 cocktails, and 1 order of chili cheese naan + cumin cilantro rice came up to $132/2 people including tax and tip.

Definitely would return!


I agree - really good place.
LOVED that Mint Chicken Tikka.
Also enjoyed Nutty Eggplant (peanut sesame gravy) and a lamb curry.
Cilantro Cumin rice was killer.
Arthly good food :slight_smile:


Went yesterday night for the first time w/ a friend. Is this the kind of stuff you can more easily find in London/England?

Very much enjoyed the refined and “unusual” (for me and for my Indian friend) spicing. Also liked that the stuff wasn’t swimming in ghee. Friend is veg, so I can’t comment on the tandoor stuff. This is a place I’d certainly return to, but it almost feels too “fancy” to put on our regular rotation.

Nutty eggplant, paneer and spinach kofta (paneer balls didn’t seem to have that much paneer in them), burned garlic raita, butter naan. I was wondering about the cumin cilantro rice but didn’t see @CiaoBob’s comment (so just ordered the plain rice).

Restaurant kindly gave us a sample of their saffron mousse (they’re considering adding it to the menu). It had a squirt of chocolate (which was nearly undetectable), and I still can only “see” shrimp when I eat saffron, so it didn’t work for me. My friend really liked it, though.


good place - glad u liked it

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Really good in another delivery. Love this.


Wasn’t in love with a couple of dishes in tonight’s delivery: salmon and jackfruit.

Warrior. 2.8 Warrior Points. This is average Indian food in a modern setting. There are some minor creative touches, but it’s basically just ordinary Indian food presented in a more Instagrammable way. Tonight’s best dish is the eggplant with peanut, sesame, and tamarind sauce, a classic South Indian dish that doesn’t appear on many Indian menus. I made this dish about ten years ago, and I think it turned out about the same, so I don’t think Arth is doing anything special. Service and pacing were a mess, and they forgot one dish. While Arth is a fine choice for dining in Culver City, I recommend making the drive to Khan Saab Desi in Fullerton for better “upscale Indian” or trying nearby Mayura for better authentic Indian.

Peony: I like the flavors. Not too spicy for me. I like the Chilean seabass most.