Anyone been to Farmhouse/ New Restos at Bev Center Yet?

Caught this article in LA Weekly First Look: Farmhouse May Be the Ultimate Farm-to-Table Restaurant - LA Weekly and intrigued. Anyone been yet…thoughts?
What about all these news restos at the Bev Center, will the masses come to a mall to park and eat? I personally remain skeptical but would like to try a few of these spots out for myself before drawing any conclusions.

I went…I ate…I most likely won’t come back.

Boring menu

French toast…yawn…rich and heavy and one note, the custardy french toast was super soft but the prosciutto was cooked to the point it became tough and impossible to cut with a knife without turning the French toast into a big mush ball. It needed an acidic salad as my palate became fatigued with richness.

Biscuits, dry and bitter. I hope they didn’t grab these from the optional buffet that was going on. The preserves that accompanied helped but just average tasting.

Omelette, very rich. The salad tasted better.

Overall, I doubt I would go back, especially the price point. I can eat wonderful seafood at Connie and Ted’s or Holbox. My comment to my dining companion was, should have went to Connie and Ted’s or Langers.

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Egg Slut opened up behind the Mall on the Cedars side. After an afternoon Doctors visit, no line. Ordered their Egg Salad Sandwich and overall it was very good. The Egg Salad is well composed and goes well with their squishy bun. Devoured the thing after a fast. However, their Egg Salad, tastes like Egg Salad. GOOD egg salad… but egg salad. So it’s not quite the special experience that the Europane Egg Salad is. Would stick to the Fairfax from now on.

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Yeah both those restaurants are pretty meh. Check out yardbird or cal mare.


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