Anyone been to Manoushee lately?

I have to go to Newhall on Saturday and was thinking about picking up lunch at Manoushee, which was recommended by a few CH’ers many years ago. However, looking at their recent Yelp reviews, it looks like their standards have slipped - that is, if Yelp reviews can be trusted. So esteemed FTC’ers, what are your thoughts, if any, about them? I’m open to restaurant suggestions in the area as well. Oh and I’m pescatarian, by the way.

I’ve been to Maria’s Italian-American Deli, which is an old school deli. It’s pretty good, but I like Mario’s Deli in Glendale much better for their subs. Thanks!

Not FTC-related, but if you can go to the Nethercutt Museum, please do so. It’s a couple hours of pretty amazing stuff and it’s free. All you need is a reservation.


I haven’t been to Manoushee recently, only went once for a snack after reading that post on the other site by LisaN. But there are a couple of other places that I might suggest. Both Rustic Burger and Rustic Eatery are very good. Rustic Burger has excellent quality and very delicious burgers, I prefer the in house baked brioche bun (and the salmon sandwich is great for when my kids think that I’m eating too much red meat) also a rotating selection of craft beer. I actually went twice this week because the owner scored a keg of New Belgium’s La Folie, one of my favorite brews! Rustic Eatery has an excellent salmon sandwich served on in house baked bread that comes with a tasty side green salad.

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I’ve never heard of the Nethercutt Museum, but it looks intriguing, @bulavinaka . The Music Room with all the mechanical instruments looks worth the visit alone, let alone the vintage cars. Hopefully, we’ll have enough time to check it out. Thanks as always!

@sel, Rustic Burger and Rustic Eatery look like they’ll fit the bill nicely. A salmon sandwich on brioche sounds perfect to me! I think our weekend plans are set. Thanks again!

Just a clarification on the Nethercutt. There are two museums. The one called the Nethercutt Museum is almost entirely automobiles in a very classy setting. You do not need a reservation for the Museum and it is a self guided tour. Across the street is the Nethercutt Collection which contains cars and other interesting items. In order to get into the Nethercutt Collection you need to make a reservation.

For those interested in old cars. there is a great collection at the Auto Driving Museum in El Segundo. Most interesting about this place is that on Sundays they have 3 or 4 old cars in which they give rides. Here you can see, feel and ride in the cars. At the Nethercutt, where admittedly the collection is more impressive, all you can do is look.


Thanks for the clarification on the two Nethercutt facilities, @blackave. I should’ve read the general information more carefully. And I didn’t know about the museum in El Segundo either.

I’m so glad to be a member of this board - so much useful info!

Hey Malady, definitely check out Manoushee if you haven’t already- I never trust a few negative reviews on Yelp and their standards have definitely not slipped , they make everything from scratch, so it’s super clean. They don’t have fish on the menu but so many vegan and vegetarian options, which are perfect for me. I love their lebanese hash with falafel, it has spicy potato and then a fried egg on top, and add some of their secret hot sauce they make - ask for it! or if I want a really filling salad I get the whole’s the only place I actually like in canyon country, other than d.w. cookie company =) Hope that helps and happy eating!

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@JenniferReyes, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about Manoushee. I actually ended up trying the salmon burger at Rustic Burger, which was recommended by @sel. The next time I find myself in the area (which will probably be quite a while), I will definitely give Manoushee a go. The Lebanese hash with falafel sounds superb!

@MaladyNelson My pleasure! Let me know what you think when you go!

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