Anyone been to Yamashiro of late (post June 2016)?

Curious if the change of ownership and the stewardship of chef Christophe Bonnergrace in the back of the house has, um, improved things.

Thank you.

Yes, no.

It’s not worse, is it?

Couldn’t say hadn’t been before the birthday event I went to there. I
might prefer the food at the magic castle next door though.

Pro tip. Don’t get the sushi.

Did you ever end up going back? Got a gift card there, so planning on taking the plunge soon.

No, we ended up at Sushi of Gari.

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I sure hope Sushi of Gari takes Yamashiro gift cards :cry:

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Yamashiro, the PPP, laid-off employees, reopening, and bad-faith offers …


Wow that’s… depressing. How does someone even think of a plan like that? Good on Lucas for giving those employees a voice.

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wow :frowning:

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