Anyone ever had the Thursday special Pata Verde at B.S. Taqueria?

What is it like? Worth the $49 price tag?

What exactly is it anyway?

It’s mentioned in reviews a lot, with little detail as to why…but it has piqued my curiosity.

please try and then report back ont eh double.

What about the Sunday especial of carne en su jugo? That has to be the most expensive pot of carne en su jugo i’ve ever seen in this country…

I’ve had that actually. I didn’t find it worth the money. Good, but so bacon-y and viscuous that it resembled a pot of Tex-Mex chili rather than the almost pho-like stuff I’ve had in more “homey” contexts.

I couldn’t rustle up a dining partner, but I did find a photo of the dish at least, looks like a pork shank with cracklin’ skin:

Turns out that took this off the menu…

But the chile verde is a smaller version on their daily menu now.