Anyone going to Farmer's Open ..Torrey Pines

Thinking of hitting up Green Acre…Oliver!
What’s good?
Love my Roberto’s on Carmel Valley with Torrey/Lagoon/Beach views…


Cafe Secret seems to be making some very tasty food these days. And even though I don’t care for the venue, we recently have had a few very good meals at PrepKitchen Del Mar. The Happy Hour at El Agave is a great view with $3 drafts and some pretty good food offerings, especially the lobster burrito and the sopes.

There might be some traffic issues along Coast Highway with the partial road closure from that slide just south of the Del Mar Heights intersection. So I don’t know if you want to go up into Del Mar from Torrey Pines, La Jolla might be a better option.

Coming in from 56 and dumps right out to Carmel Valley rd and then left up Torrey on PCH…

Heard it was a fairly big chunk gone…yikes!

Cafe Secret looks interesting… Never really had Peruvian food, since I thought a lot of it was meat centric and in Peru, Guinea pig.

We were supposed to hike/travel/train to Cuzco/ Nazca/ Machu Picchu but friends said besides the lack of O2, the food was not so good.
I’d like to try Cafe Secret to prove them wrong!