Anyone have an update on Morinoya in the olympic collection?

it’s between morinoya or k-zo in culver city

No updates, but I think J.L. might suggest you call to see if Chef Mori is in the kitchen tonight.

I eat at Morinoya regularly (AKA in my rotation) - just went last week. It’s gettin’ hard to get a seat without a reservation (a good sign) - the Sawtelle crowd seems to have “discovered” it…

They have THE best rendition of matsutake dobinmushi in SoCal. Look for it on the specials menu. The oshizushi (pressed sushi using a battera, Osaka style) is very satisfying. The buta arani (stewed pork) is superb, as is the geso spinach (squid legs sauteed with spinach and a pinch of garlic).

The food is still excellent, IMHO. And Mori-san is USUALLY cooking. From a cozy, basic neighborhood izakaya standpoint (read: non-foie gras, non-bling ingredients), the cooking at Morinoya consistently outperforms Aburiya Raku.

thank you!!