Anyone know where to get dòuhuā in LA?

The classic staple of my childhood dim sum experience - dòuhuā. Hot, light, silky tofu in a bed of sugar syrup. So far I haven’t found it. Anyone know where I can find it? Preferably in West LA but, as I’m a member of Food Talk Central, I’m clearly willing to drive.

Thanks again!

According to yelp, it looks like NBC Seafood in Monterey Park or Top Island in Alhambra both offer it.

Most dim sum places have it, but they sell out of it early.

If you want to buy to bring home, the Chinese supermarkets carry it as well in the refrigerated section (usually near the soy milk). Lawd, I love me that sweet ginger syrup that goes with douhua…


Hi @J_L,

Have you noticed, the top Dim Sum places seem to no longer carry it. I haven’t seen it at Elite or Sea Harbour in years. :frowning: I wonder if it’s no longer popular?

VK in the SGV and Vin LoI in the SFV usually have it.

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This is the correct response

Nature Pagoda, San Gabriel has a decent version. You can order either hot or cold. They also have other traditional desserts like double cook milk and steam milk, etc. Much better than Phoenix which is more ubiquitous.

Yes, it often helps to ask insistently.

The ginger syrup sold under the “Ginger People” brand name (available at Whole Foods and other groceries) is a good substitute for home use.

My go to spots

Sweet- VP Tofu, Monterey Park
Savory - Yi Mei, Temple City/Monrovia

You can get dòufǔhuā at V K Food Products in Rosemead. They make it on the premises there. They also sell a number of other freshly-made tofu products there as well. It’s a few blocks away from the 10 freeway. The last time we were there, they spoke English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Vietnamese.

How does Vin Lol compare to SGV joints?

I haven’t been to either Vin Loi or VP in three years(?) but think they compare well. Vin Loi offers just about all things created from a soy bean. I think any place that specializes in tofu products will make a nice version of the silky tofu. The ginger syrup is supposed to be organic as well. And they do have the pandan version for tofu and milk, like VP in Monterey Park - I’ve never tried it.

I see it at a lot of places, but usually it’s in limited quantities.

Some places recently:
A&W, Northridge (during dim sum)
Sam Woo BBQ, Van Nuys
Vin Loi Tofu, Reseda
99 Ranch Market (in the refrigerated section, always available. Usually 2-3 brands)