Anyone recall this Japanese restaurant that used to be near the John Wayne airport in Irvine?

We’re trying to remember the name of a Japanese restaurant we used to go to in Irvine years ago. Pretty sure it’s closed now. It was a ‘better’ place that served Shabu Shabu in addition to other dishes. I think it wasn’t sushi-focused as we went there 25+years ago, maybe pre-sushi days. One specific thing I recall was a koi pond outside that you could walk to and feed the koi. I’m thinking it was in the VonKarman/Michelson area. Kindof by itself, not in a center or a large building. TIA.


Sounds a lot like Koto on Von Karman. It did close a while ago; I went there growing up. Here is one of the only pictures I could find on Google.


THANK YOU!! That’s it!!! Did a quick map search. The space appears to now be a dialysis clinic. :woozy_face:

Also I see that’s actually Newport Beach.

It is, but it is very close to SNA. It was a regular lunch spot for me when it was open.

We took our kids there often when they were maybe 8 to 16. That, and maybe 50 business trips to Japan, had me making Shabu Shabu at home. Every time our son takes his kids to Fashion Island they visit the koi there and he thinks of the restaurant.