Anyone tried Pasta Sisters? Looks GOOD!

Fresh made pasta. Italian sisters from Italy…Was thinking of trying it this weekend.


an amazing perfect 5* from yelp with 77 reviews, tons of pictures @ link

3343 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Arlington Heights

I don’t trust yelp though. That’s why I asked here. :slightly_smiling:

Agree it looks interesting but so hard to tell if they are interested in take-out and catering only, or want me to come and have a sit down meal.

The Yelp pics show a space that’s mainly open kitchen + maybe 7 chairs, a counter, and 2 small tables. Am interested in trying, but I don’t live close and I wouldn’t not want to be able to sit there to eat the pasta…

Eater had a bit on them a few weeks ago:

That looks all terrible oversauced. Especially with good, homemade pasta the pasta should be the star of the dishes.

it can never be over sauced for me. that is what the bread is for…lapping it up.


I enjoy Pasta Sisters.

The bolognese and pesto are always solid, as is the gnocchi. And is hard to beat their price/quality ratio.

They’re better than Divine Pasta Co., for what it’s worth.


Technically true, from an Italian point-of-view, but I am with Lulu - I can happily deal with extra sauce (if it is good).

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I like a lot of sauce if it is together with store-bought or other average pasta but with homemade pasta it is just distracting from the flavor of great pasta (and if the homemade pasta is so bad that it needs a lot of sauce a restaurant should rely on store-bought anyway

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I was so excited when they announced they were opening!! L.A. NEEDS this type of fresh Italian Pasta Deli, forget that it was in West Adams. Sadly, their hours are not the best, barely open on the weekends and we just can’t get over there without ever feeling rushed or they are out of things.

Overall, we have been very happy with the price and taste of the items we’ve gotten from them. We’ve had their pasta which is great and their cooked dishes which are spot on. It’s a complete carry out place, they have a couple of TINY tables and the shopping center it’s in, is not exactly picturesque.

Still, everytime we go there they have customers, like Revolutionario, the community is really embracing them. They also are REALLY nice folks and take custom orders.

I just wish they were open more.



or you could go to cento pasta bar for fresh properly sauced and way more interesting pasta for the same price save the uni spaghetti.


@PorkyBelly, thanks. Have you tried both places then? So Pasta Sisters is not so good?

i’ve only been to cento, just basing my “way more interesting” comment on the menu and pictures.

i’m also not a fan of the mix and match pasta and sauce places. i think pasta should be paired with the correct sauce.


There is now doubt that Cento Pasta bar is excellent, especially for a shockingly similar price point, but it’s still comparing the two is apples to oranges, and in terms of accessibility to the vast majority of the city, even LESS than Pasta Sisters.


Chef Hideyo at Restaurant 2117 is quietly cranking out some wonderful housemade pasta with incredible accompanying ingredients (ex: duck, wild mushrooms, mentaiko, uni, wagyu bolognese) to match.

The lobster/bisque/spinach pasta special there last week ranks among the top 10 pasta dishes I’ve ever had.

This isn’t the Restaurant 2117 from a year ago.


How is it comparing apples to oranges? They’re both pasta places serving fresh pasta at the same price point.

OH, it they customize orders, I want chicken parm. Yum!!!