Anyone using the Too Good To Go App?`

I just downloaded it and I am interested in if you have gotten quality food.

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used it a few times for some pizzas, baked goods, etc. works great and you do get a deal if you’re flexible and willing to go during the window that the food is being offered. quality is relative…it is the end of the day and things they didn’t sell, but otherwise it’s perfectly fine. haven’t used it much recently because not a lot of options in my neck of the woods.

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I downloaded it when they first debuted but most of the stuff was from Panera or other chains so not exactly things I was interested in

I downloaded it ages ago, but had to cancel the one time I ordered (Bagel Broker). My brother uses it and so does my neighbor. Both of them seem to enjoy their deals on bagels (Hank’s, Bagel Broker).

My brother has always liked the deals from coffee bean and tea leaf. The pastries.Hanks is part of his regular rotation.

I use it weekly. I love it.

I pick up Hank’s Bagels almost every week. A+
Usually an order a week from Nordic Catch. A
Gwen’s pastry box is very good. A
Cake Monkey surprise bag is great. A
Las Americas Bakery food order will feed you for a week. B+
Eataly Bakery bag is usually 3-4 loaves of bread. B+
Prince Street Pizza and Pizzanista pickup is too late for me, but I can’t imagine it’s a bad deal.


I’ve gotten some really great deals from the app, but also a lot of duds. I’ve used the app 15 times.

Bagel & Slice Highland Park:

  • generally great! Used to be $7.65 per order, now $9.99
  • Typically get 1 item per dollar spent. So for $7.65,
    – I’ve gotten 5 slices of pizza + 2 bagels
    – 2 slices of pizza + 5 bagels
    – 4 slices of pizza + salad + drink
    I haven’t ordered since they raised the price to $9.99

Bytetobite Industries (Ghost Kitchen Breakfast) - $10.94.
– Got a english muffing snadwich with egg + bacon AND a scramble platter (toast, eggs, bacon, avocado)

Kitchen Mouse Bakery $6
– Got a grab bag of 4 different baked goods, cupcakes, cookies

Pizzanista DTLA - $6.56
– got 4 slices of pizza, great if the timing works out and you’re out at a night out at Tony’s Saloon or ERB

Happy AYCE Hot Pot Rosemead - $5
– got a pretty disappointing tupperware of some fried rice, peanuts, potstickers, and chinese donuts. Basically everything is a fried carb from the hot food buffet they offer. Was hoping for some more protein

Civil Coffee HLP - $4
– you get 2 pastries per order, basically at $2/order. Pretty solid croissants imo

Tay Ho San Gabriel $5.50
– you get pounds of vietnamese banh cuon without anything else. I make a stop at nearby Hawaii Supermarket in Alhambra to load up on banh cuon essentials (bean sprouts, herbs, fried shallots, peanuts, pork loaf) and it ends up being a ton of food.


hm some interesting names that caught my eye

Prince St Pizza
Marugame Udon
Gorilla Pies


I have used it on occasion . I love the concept, but I treat it like how to treat Gross Out. I never go out of my way to go to a place and go in with low expectations. More often than not, I leave pleasantly suprised!

The coffee shop around the corner from me, Origin Story has a really nice $6 bag. They get their pastries from Bread Lounge and they carry a good amount of savory pastries. They give ones that they have still in the freezer. So I can just pop them in there at home and enjoy them for later.

Another one I scored well was the $4 Bodega Bag from Golden Poppy Market. It was well worth it for the loaf of bread and fancy cheese. I don’t get the bags when I have a ton of stuff in my fridge, so even though I may get slightly over ripe items, I use them right away in my next morning’s yogurt or overnight oats.

Recently I got the LaRocco’s Pizza since their LAX location closes a bit earlier than most Pizza places. $5 for Three Huge Slices of Pizza. I actually do like Hawaiian.

The one that was most Epic was the $93 Wagyu Bag from K&K. I got it as a Christmas Gift for my dad who was beyond thrilled. I may pick one of these up again in the future for another special occasion.

I admit that I am eager to move back home in part because that puts me closer to pick up one those Eatly Bakery Bags and the highly rated Flor de Yucatan Bag. LOL!!


I’ve always wanted to try the DK’s (Santa Monica) donuts deals. Because they seem to be offering pick up for the entire day.

I had a pick up at Alta Adams last night at 10:45pm, but I fell asleep.


Guys, belle’s just gave me so many bagels. I am truly astounded lol. I’m not sure I have the freezer space for them all.

Update, 18 bagels!


Sharpen your knife… Then… Make your own Bagel Chips.


Belles wasn’t on there when I had the app! Gonna have to recheck it

What happens if I forget to pick up the food?

You’ll just be charged for it in my experience

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I’ve been to Civil coffee once and I basically got bagels and one pastry. I did drive quite a few miles to get there and was excited for pastries so I was disappointed. However their bagels were soft and good tasting so I would try it again if nearby. I just wouldn’t drive out of my way.

Fish Grill is decent if you don’t mind sides.
Usually you pay about $5 and get 3 sides.
Guaranteed rice…also gotten
-brussel sprouts
-clam chowder
I think it’s a good option if you don’t feel like cooking sides or if you don’t need protein. You never get fish here.

Vere’s Cakery in South Gate is my favorite so far.
You also pay about $6 and she gives and assortment of sweets.
-Cookies, cake loaf slices, arroz con leche, cupcakes, or pastry. Variety depends on the day. They only post on Fridays to pick up Saturday though. Wish they had more availability.

Granny’s Donuts & Bagels- $6
Been to once: I got a full box of donuts, like a dozen. Donuts were still pretty good, recommend if you have a large family but for us it def was hard to finish so just keep in mind if you’re a small family.

The Nest in Bellflower-$6
-Ive been to once: Food was good, basic breakfast.
-Two small sausages, lots of egg and some potatoes (loved the potatoes) . I’d def like to try it again to see if they do variety of items.

I get the feeling some of these shops use the app to get people in the door vs getting rid of waste, which is why food doesn’t change. I wish it had more actual food vs the loads of baked goods it offers. Near me it’s mostly donuts and a lot of the food spots are closer to 10 miles away and with the times usually being late pickups I only have Saturday to try further spots. With how expensive gas is and the gamble of the offers I haven’t been able to try much further out.


They added Krispy Kreme just in case you want a dozen donuts sitting on your counter.

Forgot to report back: I got the Marugame bag, but it was just carbs: noodles and just white rice :frowning: not a bad deal for fresh udon alone but disappointed

Pizzanista pickup was good, but dangerous - a few slices (can’t remember if 3 or 4). A couple specialty slices and a cheese slice.


Pretty good deal at Empanada Factory. Four Empanadas for $6. Usually it’s 3 for $11 or $4.50

They also arrive ready to eat, not frozen. So it’s a good snack or dinner starter.



I was obsessed when I first downloaded it. Now I only check every now and then for new places (I’m on the westside), and I mostly grab bagels when I’m hosting brunch if I can get Pop’s Bagels.

Was lucky enough to get Marugame Udon once and it was great: dan dan udon with 2 tempura items.

Everything else on the app seems to be mostly pastries or donuts, which I try to limit consumption of. Did recently get Lei’d Cookies, good value but you mostly get their signature brown butter chocolate chip cookie in the box.