Anything decent between LA and Vegas?

Las Vegas is functionally a distant district of Los Angeles as its become the defacto luxury dining district of LA.

If you live in LA, we’ve all taken the I 15 to Vegas, but has anybody ever found anything decent on that road in between LA and Vegas?

Despite traveling all across America, the Sterns never found anyplace on that route to recommend. So, I had to turn to the only other source that might have covered that route: Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

And, Fieri recommended two places:

Emma Jean’s Holland Burger Cafe in Victorville

The Mad Greek in Baker

Are those two really the best two options? And, if these really are the best, are they decent or just the least worst options?

I’m sure you didn’t come here to get a chain recommendation, but the three Del Taco locations in Barstow are still operated by the founder of the chain, and serve food that’s much better than what you get at the rest of the Del Taco outlets. I haven’t been to the Holland Burger Cafe, but I would choose a Barstow Del Taco over Mad Greek any day.


I’ve never been to Emma Jean’s, but my dad used to work in that area and didn’t think it was anything special.

I’ve been to the Mad Greek, and from what I recall, they do a pretty solid gyro. It’s been years, though.

FWIW, the places that I’ve tried that have been on DDD have been really hit or miss.

In between LA and Vegas is a ton. From Rancho Cucamonga to Vegas is a barren wasteland.

The Mad Greek is mediocre. The fresh fruit shakes are okay, but the gyros are not very good. Haven’t been to Holland Burger, but it gets good reviews. Molly Brown’s Country Cafe in Victorville is good diner food. The was a burgeoning Asian community around Victorville before the economy crashed so there are a few Thai and sushi places that aren’t horrible. I have been to one while working on a Japanese commercial, but I don’t remember the name. Sorry.
There is always In N Out. Multiple locations all along the 15.

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In N Out


I’ll dissent, I actually like Mad Greek (just the gyros); line gets ridiculous sometimes though. Think last time I stopped by we waited an hour for food.

+1 on those Del Tacos. I used to drive straight through until Mr. Taster rec’d them. What fast food used to taste like.

Woah. I love this Del tip. @CeleryVictor @BubblyOne

What is your Del Taco go-to order? I used to get the chicken soft taco (no cheese) and a bean & cheese burrito with red, but in my last visits, I’ve dropped the taco and just opted for the burrito. Scorcho hot sauce. Oh, and the deluxe fries a pretty dang good.

I’m not crazy about the Mad Greek, either. It was just diner food to me. I didn’t think the Greek offerings were extraordinary. I’d have been happier with In-N-Out instead.

Depending on how hungry I am, it’s either a couple of Barstow tacos or my favorite- the Macho beef burrito, which tastes just like the old Naugles burrito.

I love that the founder of Del Taco is usually around working.

We usually stop on the way back and were joking that we were probably the only 2 people who ate at Del Taco and Joel Robuchon in a 12 hour period, but maybe not?


Apollo restaurant in Victorville serves some outstanding burgers. Heull Howser did a segment on the restaurant along with Norma Jean’s.

Nobody goes to the Mad Greek for Greek food.

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Personally, I just hit up In-N-Out for a quick bite and never look back.

I don’t really like to fill up before I hit LV, as there’s much better food to be had!


The rest of the menu isn’t much to talk about either. I wasn’t fond of the gryo, the burgers or anything we ordered.

you know, looking at the yelp pictures the gyro does look terrible - no crunchy bits to be found anywhere.

Guess nostalgia + waiting an hour for food really messes with perception.

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Sonic butterfinger blast will suffice. If you take the 10 fwy there is one on 4th st near Ontario Mills. There is also one in Victorville near that mall.

Also, Bigg Dane and Beales Texas BBQ right off the fwy on 15 fwy and baseline. Above average BBQ and sides.

If you take the 60 fwy, in Chino there is a place on Ramona Ave called Cannabru that makes pour over coffees. They rotate their coffees every month. Last month they had Sight Glass which was pretty good stuff.

If you take the 210 fwy, get off on baseline and go to Pixie donuts in the Vons?? Or Ralph’s?? shopping center. Really good donuts. It looks like any other place but the donuts are great. Crispy, uniquely spiced but often sell out so you have to go early.

After Victorville/Hesperia, I would just go to In n Out. There is also a Steak n Shake in Victorville but I have not been. But IMO I would just skip all that and wait and eat in Vegas. Or grab a coffee at Cannubru if you take the 60 fwy.

Just my 2 cents.

Maybe that’s it. For me, maybe it was better 15 years ago the last time I drove to Vegas.

For donuts on the 210 there is also Donut Man in Glendora. As mentioned here several weeks ago strawberries are in season!


Also, a bit of a detour but El Tarasco Meat Market in Rancho Cucamonga has excellent carnitas. A carnitas burrito will cost you a whopping $5 and could feed two or one person with a big appetite.