Anything new in Paso Robles that better or just as good as Artisan?

Artisan has been our go to place in Paso for years but wondering if there are any new players in town. Our last meal at Artisan (last year) was just ok. Probably our least favorite meal there after 3 great meals before.

we’ve been going to Hatch last couple of trips, including this past weekend… some of the things they do area really damn good like the lamb and grits shepherd’s pie… burger is meh… octopus is pretty good also


For me the Hatch has gotten so busy that they fell off and started doing a lot of higher margin stuff. That lamb shep pie is gone now.

I think I like BL the most now (formerlie Bistro Laurent) with Il Cortile as the 2nd.

stuffed squid was great at il cortile

as was the carpaccio with truf…

i had a satisfying carbonara myself.

steak / pepper sauce from BL… i’d get this sauce over the wine reduction next time … i had wine reduction with my confit.

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Anyone been to Somm’s Kitchen? Got a brief write up in the latest Wine Spectator and we’ll be going there right after Fourth of July.

Interesting. Most pics I saw are small format wine chasers? I’d rather be out at the vineyards when I’m over there but when they all close this is a very cool option.

Just saw this as a friend goes to PR regularly. Not familiar with that term. ???