APB (vegan sushi)

This is an all vegan sushi restaurant on Melrose across from the Groundlings Theatre.
I skipped the sushi. But the spring rolls were good. The fries were great. The bespoke cocktails were fine. Not sure if this is a viable formula, but who knows?


Another one


Kusaki just closed permanently. Kusaki on Instagram: "Like most activists and ethical vegans, it has always been a dream to open a place with amazing food, and feel we are making a difference. The sad truth many of us in the plant based movement face - is that veganism for many is a fad. Something they do at that moment because they identity with a cause. Veganism has to be a lifestyle. It is saying, “as a person the choices I make, I am responsible for. And that I do not want to hurt animals.” At the moment - that movement and the people who truly are vegan is not enough to sustain many businesses. This year in Los Angeles, so many great places announced closures. Unfortunately we will be joining them, with this and maybe next being our last weeks open. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to serve all those who have passed through our doors. We designed such a beautiful space. Developed some of the most amazing plant based options on the planet. We are proud, and every day humbled to share the Earth with those we do." Said demand ain’t there.


Guess it’s not a viable formula afterall lol

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shojin has been around for over 15 years (https://www.instagram.com/shojinlove/)

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C’est la vegan.

Kusaki did not have a sign outside. I only knew about it because I was curious about the construction and had to google a bit to figure it out. I’m not vegan, so I wasn’t that excited about it. But leaving that aside, I do wonder if vegan sushi is viable. Not because I don’t think vegan restaurants are viable at all (I think they are), but because vegan sushi in particular is less likely to get pescatarian vegetarian-lite folks in the door (since they, presumably, like non-vegan sushi). And I don’t think vegan restaurants are viable if their only plan is to appeal to vegans. Not 100% sure they are all vegan, but Cafe Gratitude, for example, tries to at least appeal to non-vegans.


I like vegan food, but I don’t like inferior food. Substituting salmon for a carrot on the rice is inferior food. I also don’t care about fishes – their whole life consists of swimming around with their mouths open swallowing smaller fishes alive. That’s my expert analysis of this whole situation.

Yes, sounds like you are exactly the type of person who wouldn’t go to Kusaki, but might go to another vegan restaurant.


Vegan Japanese food is a proven concept, Cha-Ya has been doing it in Berkeley and SF for years. Focusing too much on sushi might be a bad idea.


All this is giving me a sushi jones. Ima have to get to Sugarfish stat.

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I need to take some lessons from you on how to state opinions. :slight_smile:

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