APL Restaurant

Got it, thanks!

NPR did a piece on APL - more on his knives than his food, but still kind of interesting.

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How does it compare to majordomo’s?

Majordomo’s is better

Thanks. I’ll be able to taste it Majordomo’s soon enough, have a resy with a short rib reserved at the end of the month.


Here’s the recipe:

  1. slice an onion
  2. serve
  3. charge 10 dollars

This is the most laughable dish i’ve ever had since my meal at blue hill at stone barns where i was served produce on nails and raw fennel on a plate.


Hi @PorkyBelly,

LOL. Wow! :frowning: Seriously? APL had the gall to charge $10 for slicing an onion and dumping it on a plate?

Thanks for the warning. All 3 dishes sound ridiculous.

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Hope the nails are stainless

That’s the “cold sweet onions (ode to Peter Luger’s)”? I don’t know if this is the $8 for one or $15 for two version:

This photo of Peter Luger Steak House is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Hot damn, both of those “dishes” look just sad. How can they even serve that…? If the onions are $10, how about those Fucking fries for $9? What does it include, 3 fries?

“Ode to” this, “ode to” that, how about just make some good food at reasonable prices, even high prices if it’s fucking good. I couldn’t care less about odes nowadays; invoking the cachet of a famous joint’s name does not win brownie points with me, and that practice comes off as hollow unless they truly do an iconic dish justice with a faithful interpretation or improve/modify it in a personal way that makes sense with the restaurant’s ethos. I like Peter Luger’s and think that unless APL’s onions are somehow pretty damn fantastic despite being unphotogenic, using “ode to” is kind of an embarrassment to Peter Luger’s…


Holy shit LMAO so hard at that onion plate!

They should be shame for this what a joke

At CUT they charge $16 for a bottle of sparkling water.

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Wow. Considering canceling my upcoming reservation.

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No, this is more laughable. At least the one at Blue Hill at Stone Barns looked cool. This looks like a shameless copy with picks from the produce section at Ralphs.


Contemplating this too, after this thread

I don’t think it’s a question unless you need to see it for yourself. Because, I can’t believe my eyes.

So that was your whole meal?

Yes. Please tell me you just got up and walked out after being served that.

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Agree - Quite "ode"ous and contemptuous, if you ask me.

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Morton’s has that exact same recipe for “beefsteak tomatoes”.