Unpeeled fruit bowl: threat or menace?

i really doubt that, I think any restaurant, including majordomo, would get skewered for serving a $10 bowl of unpeeled oranges.


Maybe Alice is just trolling everybody.


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I think you’re reading a collective mindset that doesn’t exist (at least for me).

But feel free to try the $10 of unpeeled oranges for yourself to let us know what you think.

There’s a difference btw showcasing the ingredients to let them shine on their own vs. literally not doing anything with the ingredients at all.

And costs of the liquor license.


Sure seems like it

… or taking a page from the Adam Perry Lang playbook.


At least they sliced the onions :joy:

Imagine if they served a whole unpeeled onion on a plate lol


The whole onion is served free (FREE!) at many Persian restaurants. They usually even peel the free onion before giving it to you. #FREEFOODalert


I wouldnt be surprised if having the fruit bowl on the menu is part of LULUs contract. It’s kind of a thing at Chez Panisse


“Not doing anything” except sourcing the best fruit, hiring people to take care of and serve it, and paying for everything else to keep the restaurant open, which is typically two or three times the food cost.


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Also, if they peel and slice the fruit and you don’t eat it all, they have to throw it out. If they don’t, they can wash it and serve it to someone else, or use it in the kitchen.

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Did you at least get a moist towel to wipe your hands after?

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And this.

Not for nothing but if I’m paying $12 for 5 tangerines I’m taking all the uneaten fruit home.


I think that’s a reasonable point.

So, let’s ask the horse (so to speak): were those oranges perfect?

I think this part is not to be underestimated. If I’m at a business lunch (not an unreasonable assumption, given the area) or doing to the museum afterward, I kind of don’t want to have to wash myself off. ::shrug::

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Then eat it with a knife and fork, like the French.

Another reason to serve it unpeeled.

How the heck am I supposed to cut into an orange at a restaurant? I guess I could ask for a steak knife…

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no. i’ve had better. if i sampled this at the fm, i would have passed.


nope, went to the restroom after to clean off.

I wouldn’t expect the fruit bowl to meet the Chez Panisse standard until after a week or two.

Not everybody knows how to buy the best (or even good) fruit, and not everyone who does can get to the right farmers market at the right day and time. Lulu will likely be getting some stuff from Chino Farm, which is even less convenient.

My backyard fruits are spoken for lol…