Unpeeled fruit bowl: threat or menace?

I like the option to have fruit after a meal. I don’t understand why Americans find it so weird. You don’t want it, order something else.

I don’t find fruit as dessert weird at all, but, at least at first blush, I do find the $10 price for unpeeled oranges to be a bit… strange.

I mean, when you go to to a Chinese restaurant, at least they slice them for you. And, when you serve them to a guest in a Chinese home, you slice them as well. For free.

@PorkyBelly: was that the actual presentation of the focaccia sandwich???


The next thing you know restaurants will start charging for bread.

I don’t mind paying for fruit and I know many FTC folks frequent farmers market so we’re no strangers paying for good produce. But it does seem very weird to pay $10 for a bowl of unpeeled oranges. They bought fruit, charged you 2x and put the oranges in a bowl. I dunno.


Isn’t it the same with wine or beer - the restaurant buys it somewhere and then sells it to you for 2-4 times the price still in the same bottle (and nobody is complaining)

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Unpeeled restaurant fruit: threat or menace?


But they usually at least open the bottle for you and provide a glass, no?

I once ate a cafe where they served me an unopened Yoplait. I didn’t make a formal complaint, but I thought that was pretty lame (and it wasn’t, thankfully, 2-4x the price).


Plenty of people who think they understand the economics of running a restaurant complain.

*im only talking about wine/beer/liquor. I’ve got no opinions about fruit in a bowl/figs on a plate


Oh, everyone’s just lining up to piss on this parade because it’s Alice Waters and that makes it too precious. If Majordomo served it this way it would be “the move.”

they did, and they even peeled the oranges which was, “the move.”


I respect you enough to believe you know what I’m talking about.

Fair point but I think a little different. Some people on the board have complained about alcohol markups. Pints of beer are generally the same price at restaurants as the brewery the beer is sourced from. When I order wine or sake there is some expertise in selecting the wine or sake and sourcing which is sometimes not available to general consumers. But your point is well taken.

Lol it’s ironic that Majordomo is being brought up as a comparison since David Chang famously dissed SF restaurants for essentially doing what LULU did.

P.S. Interesting point @MrGuyGuyGuy. Not sure I agree but it’s worth contemplating.


i really doubt that, I think any restaurant, including majordomo, would get skewered for serving a $10 bowl of unpeeled oranges.


Maybe Alice is just trolling everybody.


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I think you’re reading a collective mindset that doesn’t exist (at least for me).

But feel free to try the $10 of unpeeled oranges for yourself to let us know what you think.

There’s a difference btw showcasing the ingredients to let them shine on their own vs. literally not doing anything with the ingredients at all.

And costs of the liquor license.


Sure seems like it

… or taking a page from the Adam Perry Lang playbook.


At least they sliced the onions :joy:

Imagine if they served a whole unpeeled onion on a plate lol


The whole onion is served free (FREE!) at many Persian restaurants. They usually even peel the free onion before giving it to you. #FREEFOODalert