Apple Pan Secret Menu..Who Knew?

After going to the Apple Pan for 40 years I just learned they have a secret menu, Tuna Melt, Cheese Fries, Rootbeer Float and Lettuce Wrapped Hickory Burger. Who knew!


I knew.

I fucking knew.

cheese fries are fucking dope, two slices of that Tillamook shit.

but even the secret menu is still super fucking pricy.


they’ll also do the egg salad instead of the hamburger in the hickory burger.

i know.

i’ve fucking tried.


but be aware if you do order the pan’s version of a double-double (with two patties), they will charge you not just for the extra patty, but the price of a whole extra sandwich.


I know we’re on a new board, but I think attribution is still seriously important.

those photos were by Liz Barclay, story by Erin Mosbaugh, on FWF.


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which board is it on for fuck’s sake ???

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I guess that makes sense if not cents.

In some uniquely gestalt-y way, the Pan, lives more apart from LA than within and would fit quite snugly within the bucolic fucking confines of an Omaha or Chattanooga. save for the fucked up egregious prices of course.

and that ain’t no fucking joke.

Simply being an island culinarily does not insulate you from the local cost of doing business.

I’m not quite sure what that fucking means. But sure.

Why not ???

A culinary island it is.

J.L. says.

I do.



Apple Pan Secret Menu … Who cares.

I don’t understand all these complaints about their prices. Isn’t it $8 for the burger, last time I checked? That’s not outrageous for a sit down place and that size.

Yes, but you can go to In N Out and get the same burger for half the price.

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But you don’t get surly counter waiter service! In N Out is a fast food joint, sort of the food doesn’t come out fast but you get the point.

But you’re paying for that counter service.

Because the $8 is ex-tip.

But it’s still right in line with similar sit down places. I’m just puzzled by the continuous comments about the pricing when it’s not that out of line.

i don’t get that spot at all – i like the burgers at in n out better. Their fucked up two line system is ridiculous. Pies to go, ok, that works.

ditto. it’s for the Westside rubes.