Arclight hollywood

seeing 730 show on saturday - anything new and easy to deal with (ie quick cuz limited time from baby sitter arrival to showtime) nearby? we were thinking connie and teds but i think we need something a bit more low key and relaxing…i don’t want to be rushing my kishkees out…a plus for my wife would be simply prepared fresh fish. for me full bar would be a plus.

And because I always love hounds’ (ne Food Talkers’) takes on films, Sicario


Hungry Cat

good call – i mentioned that to my wife last night and she laughed at the name—been a while since ive been…works for me, will see about her!

Littlefork is a nice alternative. Hungry Cat is a nice place too but my experiences have had its ups and downs.

Hungry Cat. Not sure how quick it is. Have to tell them on arrival.
Films to avoid: Phoenix, The Visit.

In the neighborhood and all walking distance, Tender Greens, Shophouse, Veggie Grill, Roscos, Stella Barra, Umani, and there is a new 800 Degrees but I don’t know if it’s open just yet. “Everest” was truly riveting. “99 Homes” also worth seeing, great performances.

good call on that too, thank you

lots of good options – i’ll come home tonight and let the boss decide – at least i’m not seeing a rom-com!

black mass?

im just glad it’s not yet another showing of Frozen frankly!

Birch on Cahuenga ???

Black Mass should be fucking dope. I’ve heard Johnny Depps is fucking incredible in it.

and that ain’t no fucking joke.

I’ll check that too Kevin, thanks. Lemme know if you see black mass

Hi JJ,

I’d also 2nd the votes for:

  • Hungry Cat (right across the street) - If you’re in the mood for the Raw Bar (since it’s so hot right now), some fresh Oysters, Chilled Shrimp, etc. might be nice and quick.

  • Tender Greens (across the street heading East).

  • Stella Barra (formerly Stella Rosa) - Solid pizzas kinda in the vein of Mozza but not as good IMHO. But solid. Right in the same complex as Arclight (so not a lot of walking).

thanks for those tips!

Stella Barra has become our go-to for pre Arclight movies. It’s not Mozza, but it’s a fraction of the price and really solid Neapolitan pie. Full bar, too.


Good lookin out. Will take it up the flagpole and report back. Haven’t been there but we like olio and mozza so sounds like a good fit And right there a plus.

and coupons via text messages… GDAMN I do love me some free baked goat chese.

How ?


Hi ipse,

what do you like at Birch? TIA!

Rabbit baklava, monkfish tikka masala, and the pork belly.