Are you GOAT enough?

So apparently a Vietnamese restaurant specializing in goat recently popped up in El Monte, Quan De 7 Mon

What’s interesting, despite its name, is that there is no “7 course of goat” as everything is a la carte.

But there are definitely more than 7 different variations of goat dishes on tap for you to select individually from.

From stew, to curry, to boiled and stir-fired goat meat.

We had to goat hot pot, which was just perfect for a brisk day, and the soup/broth was surprisingly light, with strong earth tones (free refills, of course).

Stars of the show? Goat testicles (would these be “Hanoi Oysters”?) and the goat ribs. Gotta get the goat ribs if you come, and come you should.

Quan De 7 Mon
9663 Garvey Ave (2nd floor)
El Monte


Greatest of all time.

I’ve only had/cooked beef calf testicles. Is there a big difference?

I was thinking Gonads Of All Time

you could say you had a ball there

Thread drift. Tainan is arguably the food capital of Taiwan. Goat for breakfast is a specialty. The shops start serving at 4am, and the choice parts are elusive if you show up after 7am.

Yum! Brains, intestines, kidneys, heart, skin and goat meat for breakfast. We showed up the first try at 9am, and had some delicious goat soup. All the special parts were long long gone.

We (my wife) chatted up the owner who gave us his mobile so we may have a better spread on our next visit. We showed up promptly at 8am the next morning, my wife had called at the crack of dawn

imageand ordered just about everything on the speciality menu. Spectacular. We’ll be back!!!


Respect. You’re a more adventurous eater than I

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