Argentinean "al disco" cooking?

Hey all. Just came here as part of the Chowhound exodus (was fed up, read an article on the disaster, found this!)

Anyway, have a friend from Argentina here in LA who is craving a local foodstuff. He’s from Mendoza, and they call it “al disco”. They basically cook stews, meats, etc. in these large metal disks that come from heavy farming equipment. Here is a pic:

Does anyone know if there are any Argentinean places in LA that prepare food like this?



I cannot help you w/ your question, but welcome to FTC!


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Welcome to FTC! :slight_smile: Glad you found us.

A belated welcome to BigBrother - 1984 was 33 years ago.

Yes, I’ve seen this in Mendoza part of California… i mean Argentina

This place might know - and they have a small resto also. They’re in south bay.

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Thanks all- keep 'em coming!