Armenian wines are hitting the area and here I will document my findings

You may or may not know we are the region known to have first cultivated grapes for wine and caves have been discovered with the oldest dated productions (Areni 1) going back to 4100 BC. This predated previously known sites by thousands of years.

After a century of planned economy in the USSR, having been assigned the duty of Brandy makers (also awesome) the region is finally going through a rebirth. It has been tough waiting for them to start distribution to US, Georgians in comparison have been here (they were the Soviet wine producers)

Ancient grape varietals unknown to the west. Ararat highlands and valley soil, perfect air and water. With modern techniques this will be a great region and I will champion it

I got these off a site called cedarwines but it’s available in Armenian area wine shops

Let’s see what’s what starting tomorrow, my father’s birthday


Concluded that Koor reserve and Trinity are the favorites

What’s the alcohol percentage on the Koor?

A pleasant 13.5

4th annual armenian wine fest called Ginifest was a huge party yesterday at Castaways. I’ll share more asap


See Keush