Art & Fish (@ Interstate Seafood)

If you fancy a quality bowl of chirashi, or just some fresh high-grade salmon, tuna, halibut, etc., then get yourself to the just-opened kitchen cum eatery inside Interstate Seafood, called Art & Fish.

Had some fantastically fresh Saba and Kinme-dia sashimi, with a very high quality miso soup (actually two bowls of miso, cuz, honey it’s cold out)

Art & Fish (@ Interstate Seafood)
564 Mateo St.
Arts District / DTLA


when are they open? It looks like a weekday lunch type of place. The Interstate Seafood website doesn’t mention anything about Art & Fish.

Just enjoyed lunch there. That steaming miso soup really hit the spot on a rainy day! Fish was fresh and tasty, especially the Hokkaido scallops. They weren’t serving Saba or kinmedai but I did get to try uni from the East Coast (of the U.S.). The rice wasn’t up to snuff, however; their rice cooker broke down and they haven’t yet mastered the replacement, I was told. Temporary glitch, hopefully. At this point, given the cost ($27 for a premium Chirashi bowl, plus tax and tip) I don’t consider this place a destination but if I’m in the area already I would certainly consider it.

I’m glad you tried it.

Yeah, it’s definitely not a destination place (plus, it’s sort of a pain in the ass to get to and out of). Didn’t mean to suggest it was and apologies if it came off that way.

And, yes, the miso soup on a cold (Los Angeles) day is nectar for the blood.

Oh, no need to apologize at all—it was fun to explore the Arts District and I’m always happy to scope out another sushi place. My wife and I both got a strong Tsukiji Fish Market vibe from the place and the people who served us were really friendly too (I should have mentioned that in my post), so all in all it was an enjoyable lunch.

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Had some great ikura today, as well as housemade kusa mochi