Asa Ramen in Torrance

Had jury duty last couple days and found some very positive (if dated) reviews online of this place in a strip mall at the corner of Western and 182nd in Torrance.

Had the lunch combo of ramen (I chose kotteri broth), 3 gyoza, and a bowl of rice for $9. I didn’t see a way to customize the ramen, but it was good as it came with a couple caveats. No egg, and the chasu was meatier than I’m used to in terms of bite - all protein, not fat. The broth was rich and delicious, and the noodles were really good in terms of texture and flavor, but not plentiful. I ran out of noodles with quite a bit of broth left. The gyoza were fantastic. Next time I’d skip the combo and get some other appetizer. My neighbors had some sort of warm kimchi and pork dish that smelled amazing, but as a lone diner I never would have been able to eat that and ramen.