Asian in America Pop Up Dinner by Jenny Dorsey

Anybody going to this tonight? Just found out about it and it seems interesting but I couldn’t find any reviews of the food. Found lots of articles about Jenny Dorsey though and how the experience sold out in NYC. Chef has an interesting background - at Crenn and some consulting / MBA stuff before that. Still looks like there are tickets available now though. If anyone goes, please share!

A multi-sensory dining experience exploring Asian American identity through food and drink, VR, and poetry. The project explores the trials and triumphs of Asian American identity, addressing topics including cultural hierarchies in the food industry, the lack of individualism granted to minorities, and internalization of the “white savior” complex.

Join us for a special pop-up dinner on Saturday, May 4th at the Toshizo Watanabe Exhibition Center @ JACCC from 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm!