Atlanta suggestions please

I was asked today for some suggestions for good dining in Atlanta. I’ve not been down there in a couple of years and when we were it was not for upscale dining. We were staying in Buford to help with clearing out my mother’s home. We did have some good Vietnamese in the Mall of Georgia vicinity. He is going to be presenting a paper and will be there a few days. Downtown dining suggestions?

Check out the Krog Street Market for lunch - lots of options for grazing from a number of different vendors and restaurateurs, and a few sit-down restaurants (including the Luminary) to head to for dinner. Also for lunch, Star Provisions. Great sandwiches and baked goods.

Empire State South is my favorite spot in town. The food at Gunshow is very good; it’s a kitschy concept but they pull it off really well and more hits than misses on the plates.

Had a dismal meal at The Optimist. It was a cavernous, crashingly loud (albeit beautiful) space, and the food was both pricey, and mediocre. I can’t speak to Ford Fry’s other spots, but one of them may be worth trying.

Have also heard good things about Lusca and MIller Union - it’s easy enough to Uber around town if you haven’t rented a car.

If your near the airport, try Spondivots…local place with fab seafood and strong cocktails…
This is a classic with excellent food, Carl, my man, best bartender evàh!

Always packed…

Candy, I’ve just seen this post and wondered if you had any follow-up on downtown Atlanta eating? We’ll be there in June and I have been scouting with little feedback. I’ve seen more than one reference to Empire State South as well as White Oak Kitchen and Watershed on Peachtree. I’d love to hear of your experiences.

Helen, thanks for your input. You likely saved me some $$$ at The Optimist. Am glad to hear your positive comments about Empire State South. Any favorites there? I’m a retired teaching chef, living in the SW, and passionate about regional food so anything headed in that direction would be appreciated. I’ll have a car, do not need “fahncy” and am game for just about anything. Thanks.

Sherri, It has been a few years since I was in Atlanta. When I posted I was looking for suggestions. If you like Mexican cuisine check out Eddie Herdaneze’s Taquiera del Sol. It is fab and not Americanized Mex. You will need a car and don’t miss his nod to Southern Cuisine with his greens.