Atlantic Seafood in Monterey Park

I went there for dinner to celebrate Chinese New Year a few weeks ago. Overall, it wasn’t a bad restaurant, but it wasn’t spectacular.

Crab Meat with Fish Maw Soup: Decent

Sliced Pork Belly: Square slices of pork belly arranged on a dish. I wish it was cooked at little more. I’ve eaten pork fat before, but unless you make it crispy, it tastes a bit on the nasty side.

Dried scallop with egg white fried rice: My kids snagged it all before I could eat it. They haven’t quite learned the Chinese custom of letting the elders eat first.

“Beijing” Duck: It was a Cantonese-style duck. Quite good. Skin was crispy. Duck meat was well seasoned and tasty. It was carved at the table side, and the skin was served with pancakes.

Stir Fried Snow Pea Leaves: Decent

Service was decent considering the place was a madhouse. Much to our surprise, the dishes came out at about the same time, which is very admirable for that day. They weren’t too attentive with the tea, but I’ll cut them some slack due to the packed house.

Overall, it decent food, though a bit on the pricey side.

“They haven’t quite learned the Chinese custom of letting the elders eat first.”

Maybe a back-handed complement that you are still so youthful in your appearance?!?! While our daughter is mindful of this custom, our gargantuan son constantly has to be reminded of the fact that his appetite does not trump food manners.

And, uh, who’s fault is that? Kidding, I kid.

(Say hi to Brett.)

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Red envelope filled with lawn clippings?


Must be bad influence from their cousins who barely speak Chinese. :grin:

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tried the dim sum there last august.

the food quality kinda matches the pic quality.

i have NO idea what this was.


equally meh

hard to mess up lo mai gai, but…

if you have to have carts, go to ocean star.

photos look so dreamy…

Makes me feel like a pot head

Wish it were that easy for me …

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i think queasy would be more apt considering the food quality