Attention JThur01--Your Lead October LA Eater Item is Obsolete. Blame the ghost of Liang's Kitchen

First of all, congratulations to myself and the other astute diners who made their way to dine at Tasty Restaurant in Arcadia during the weeks that they were in operation. In the old days the conventional wisdom was to wait a while before eating at a new restaurant to let them iron the kinks out. Today it’s pull over and stop when you see a new restaurant because you don’t know if it’ll still be there the next time you go by.

Quickly replacing Tasty Restaurant is something that I’m not sure what the name is. In lieu of the classy block lettering, which has been pulled down, is merely a banner that says “Grand Opening.” Inside are brand spanking new menus which say “Liang’s Kitchen.” However, when you pay, the receipt says something entirely different–and it isn’t Shang Jie Kitchen either. Rather, it says Cindy’s Noodle Land. Since there are three women out front who seem to be running the show, and no picture of Mama Liang staring out over the dining room, I’ll go with Cindy’s Noodle Land. Unless they’re just messing with us.


i googled the new name and it shows corp filings using “cindys noodle land” and the address of the atlantic liangs kitchen / shang jie…

That corner location doesn’t seem to do well

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Thanks for the update. (sighs) It’s inevitable and unavoidable with the amount of turnover. Doing monthly round-ups means catching up on changes that happened days after the previous one. It caught out Tony at times and it will catch me out too. Even more so when one lives as far away as I do. I spend a minimum of two full days (into nights) a month in the area.

I scoured Arcadia 14 days ago and will do so again next week. It was still Tasty Restaurant then. I keep waiting for a place to close while I’m driving back home.

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That spot on Baldwin has been Chong King, Shaanxi Gourmet (Noodles King), Tasty and Cindy’s Noodle Land in a 14 month span. Not quite up to the space on Garvey in Monterey Park that currently houses Beijing Pie House and had, IIRC, four different restaurants in a single calendar year.

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Check out Kung Fu Master in Arcadia which seems to have been under construction for the longest time replacing Kung Fu King (formerly Awu). I didn’t even stop, but I thought I saw signage that said Superstore (which you wouldn’t associate with a restaurant) but an ABC notice, which you would.

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I plan to. It’s on the rounds. When I stopped by in September, there was a lone workman, who took a break shortly after I arrived. Your eyes didn’t deceive you, the signage reads Superstore and there is an ABC notice in a window.

I got busy and forgot to mention that I passed by Kung Fu Master on Saturday afternoon, only to see the same workman’s pickup truck parked in front and little discernable difference from October.

i thought the cursed spot on garvey was the place that used to house bamboo creek, among others.

While it’s safe to say 331 W. Garvey is the current leader for cursed spot along Garvey, even with the ridiculous amount of turnover (Bon Marche Bistro, 100 Dumpling House, Pan Pan Xian, Bamboo Creek, Big Fish, plus more), it still has to go a ways to top the number of places in the space that finally stabilized with Beijing Pie House. David can fill us in, but there were something like 13 places in that space prior to BPH, including four in a single calendar year!

Best Noodle House has finally opened.

Lots of different Sichuan noodles on the offing, as well as a very serviceable 口水雞 (or kou shui ji or “saliva chicken” or the fowl version of the more famous Sichuan specialty water boiled fish).

Best Noodle House
9329 Valley Blvd, Rosemead
(626) 782-7432

Hi @ipsedixit,

How are the noodles? Any particular noodles you’d recommend? Thanks.

the Dan Dan Noodles are very good, not oily. The Beef Noodle soup was less memorable, as the cuts of shank were quite fatty. If you’re going to go, give them a couple of weeks to work out the growing pains.

The owners are from 渝中區 (or central Chongqing) and pride themselves on being authentic. Whether they achieve it, who’s to say.


ipse. Just so you’ll know, I finished my December entry on Best Noodle House three hours before I saw your FTC post. I don’t want you thinking I’m copying off your page. Thanks for the report. Nice to see a Chongqing specific place again.

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tonyc’s recent blog post covers a lot of the same material as your eater article (which needs to edited as eater is proclaiming the article as your first).

Any recommendations for dan dan noodles or beef noodle soup on the Westish side?

Meizhou Dongpo (at CC Shopping Center) or Northern Cafe. Pick your poison.

As a sidenote, I think ROC’s chicken noodle soup is quite good. For points west of the 405.

I just tried that R.O.C. chicken soup for the first time, unfortunately it was at the new Playa Vista location. The broth was good, but the chicken was so dry I couldn’t eat it, and the noodles were gummy and over cooked. They’ve just opened that location, though, so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.

I don’t think I have a good reference point for dan dan noodles. May have to hit a freeway. Yay.

Well, we are covering the same ground, so there’s going to be a lot of duplication. He’ll have stuff I won’t have and vice versa. As far as it being my first post for Eater, take it up with the editor :wink: Unlike the Weekly, I send off the copy, I don’t enter it.

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no criticism of you intended; the assumption was that your bringing this to their attention would facilitate their correcting the situation which reflects more on them than it would on you.

as for anything else i mentioned in my previous post, it was entirely: “it is what it is” in case it wasn’t clear previously.

Understood Barry, I didn’t take it that way. Hopefully, my reply didn’t come off like I did, because I didn’t :smiley: