August 2016 Weekend Rundown

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Lunch at La Barca in Huntington Park today.

Birria de Chivo was deliciously tender. Beans were excellent. Rice was salty.
House-made tortillas were fantastic.


I hate when I’m driving home from dinner and my car drives to magpies instead. :oncoming_automobile: :icecream:#thingsihate

strawberry cheesecake and sweet cream swirl. chocolate covered honeycomb, salted caramel sauce


That looks really good. I can just imagine eating it w/the house-made tortillas :kissing:.

Tumanyan Khinkali Factory (Armenian) in Glendale.

Bread Basket - Puri & Lavash

Complimentary bowls of lightly salt-cured chickpeas (tasty) & dry croutons

Dolmas - Peppers & grape leaves stuffed w/grains & spices :heart:.

Ghavurma - Beef cooked & lightly fried in butter, then served cold. It tastes a little like dried corned beef coated w/ghee. I’ve never had anything like this before, and very much enjoyed it, on it’s own or inside a piece of lavash w/a slice of red onion.

This gorgeous thing is Pileli Soup - Cream (yogurt) based soup with mini pilmenis (ground beef stuffed dumplings) served with freshly baked phyllo dough.

They have one menu devoted to Skewers. We chose the Sea bass, Short Rib & Flap Meat Steak. The flap meat was cooked perfectly and had great flavor

Surprisingly, these were two of the best cocktails we’ve had in a while. A perfect Old-fashion, and the delicious Sona Fe was vodka, orange, peach & cabernet sauvignon. I was skeptical about the cab, but it added a perfect tart grape flavor to the sweet cocktail. $10. each.

Service was patiently great!


Ooh @PorkyBelly. We were in Glendale at Forest Lawn (off L.F. Blvd), visiting our dearly departed - How’s that for a Weekend Rundown? Anyway, after insisting on Armenian at Tumanyan I wanted to go to Magpies, but couldn’t figure out how to work it into the equation without being obnoxiously pushy… oh sigh.

Tried lobster pizza at Berri’s Westwood. Thanks, @Aesthete for initial shout out and @TheCookie for Westwood confirmation. No large size at Westwood, so had to get two, one for me and one for wife. Both enjoyed, I added bacon, which was a good add. Wife wanted more cheese, but those words appear on her family crest. Reheated from 15 min drive just fine!


Breakfast at John O’ Groats on Pico. Very nice chunky Corned Beef Hash and bacon & Sharp Cheddar Cheese Waffle


[quote=“Eljeffy, post:190, topic:3671”]
Wife wanted more cheese, but those words appear on her family crest.
[/quote]That’s hilarious. Glad you enjoyed Berri’s pizza. We also like the Santa Fe, which is a BBQ chicken pizza (not usually my favorite) with avocado.

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Quick post-game dinner with the little guy at Ramen Yamada. Spicy Ramen for me (FYI, level 1 is not spicy, .50 for each spice level increase), teriyaki chicken plate, karaage chicken plate, salad and California roll for the boy. He didn’t want ramen, he wanted comfort food.

The ramen was good, the teriyaki sauce goopy and very sweet, the roll decent, the karaage good.

The California roll isn’t shown because it came six minutes after the chicken, which came six minutes after the ramen. Service was the usual mix of ignoring you for long stretches of time then a flurry when all they all stop by your table one at a time to give you water and check if you need anything and see how you’re doing.

It’s my neighborhood ramen-ya and I like it.

Ramen Yamada
11172 Washington Blvd. (one block east of Sepulvada), Culver City, 90230


I forgot to add today’s lunch to my previous post. Spent the morning in Santa Monica. I always forget to avoid Santa Monica on summer weekends. Stopped for lunch at Phorage on my way home.

Beef pho with bok choy instead of meat slices. So flavorful and light, but it still leaves you with fat-sticky lips.

3300 Overland Ave., L.A. 90034


Oh. It’s August already. Is there a way to move this from July?

Good question. I almost posted here too.

Batman call @ipsedixit

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#Kettle Black

happy hour meatball sandwich

taleggio, gorgonzola, crimini mushrooms

garganelli, wood fired bolognese, pecorino romano #saycheese #sweetdreamsaremadeofcheese


Sycamore Kitchen

Chorizo and egg sandwich

And coconut donut

Then Fosslemans French vanilla bean ice cream


Spinach salad w Gorgonzola and pancetta

Porcini and pancetta pizza

Calzone with mushrooms, ricotta, sausage and some other stuff I don’t remember :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Today went to Los Anayas

Had chilaquiles with chorizo, taquitos and shrimp and fish tacos, all great

Headed to Smorgasburg LA

Black Sugar BBQ, meh

SideChick @JLee doing a nice version of hainan chicken

And Rucker Pie of course for buttermilk berry pie. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Mighty tasty.