August 2016 Weekend Rundown

I forgot to add today’s lunch to my previous post. Spent the morning in Santa Monica. I always forget to avoid Santa Monica on summer weekends. Stopped for lunch at Phorage on my way home.

Beef pho with bok choy instead of meat slices. So flavorful and light, but it still leaves you with fat-sticky lips.

3300 Overland Ave., L.A. 90034


Oh. It’s August already. Is there a way to move this from July?

Good question. I almost posted here too.

Batman call @ipsedixit

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#Kettle Black

happy hour meatball sandwich

taleggio, gorgonzola, crimini mushrooms

garganelli, wood fired bolognese, pecorino romano #saycheese #sweetdreamsaremadeofcheese


Sycamore Kitchen

Chorizo and egg sandwich

And coconut donut

Then Fosslemans French vanilla bean ice cream


Spinach salad w Gorgonzola and pancetta

Porcini and pancetta pizza

Calzone with mushrooms, ricotta, sausage and some other stuff I don’t remember :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Today went to Los Anayas

Had chilaquiles with chorizo, taquitos and shrimp and fish tacos, all great

Headed to Smorgasburg LA

Black Sugar BBQ, meh

SideChick @JLee doing a nice version of hainan chicken

And Rucker Pie of course for buttermilk berry pie. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Mighty tasty.


A truly excellent everything bagel with lox schmear at Yeastie Boys.

Today’s warm weather called for salad pizza at Abbot’s Pizza Company.


San Gabriel Valley food journey. :slight_smile: (and tried to find dishes that fit the Dish of the Month theme.)

Shanghai No. 1 Seafood Village

This place still cracks us up. We last stopped by this place in the San Gabriel Valley maybe 3 years ago? It still looks like a bordello or something really gaudy. :pensive:

Broad Beans with Scallion Sauce (Chilled):

I really like Broad Beans normally, but this version was a bit too sweet(!). It was strange since the Scallion Sauce was salty and onion-y, but the Broad Beans were strangely sweet. So it made eating this dish feel like it was dessert. If they were salty, this chilled dish would’ve been really good.

Old Shanghai Wine Chicken (Chilled):

I remember hearing a Chinese friend tell me that this is a classic dish in Chinese cuisine. We’ve had it before like 3 - 4 years ago at one restaurant when we visited the SGV. The Shanghai No. 1 version was boozy (you could taste the alcohol), but it was a fragrant, non-burning type. It had a nice amount of salt and they even added some fermented Rice(?) on top. This was pretty good. :slight_smile:

Green Cucumber with Ginger Juice (Chilled):

The Cucumbers were crisp and crunchy, and whereas normally there’s a heavy amount of Sesame Oil and Vinegar, this version really did have a more tangy Ginger-Garlic Sauce, with a light drizzle of Chili Oil. It was quite refreshing for this warm Summer day. :slight_smile:

Macau-style Egg Tarts:

I remember @Porthos recommending this version a few times, so we couldn’t wait to go back and try it again. It was delicate and sweet, tasting similar to Kee Wah’s version we had last time, but the one disappointment was that these were only slightly warm, and not toasty hot (which probably would’ve been amazing). Still enjoyable. :slight_smile:

Shanghai No. 1 Seafood Village
250 W Valley Blvd.
San Gabriel, CA 91776
Tel: (626) 282-1777

Beijing Restaurant

Thanks to @TonyC’s SGV Guide, we bookmarked this place to try for a while now, but realized it was right next to Shanghai No. 1 Seafood when we walked out! :smile: So we decided to stop in.

Spicy Pork Kidney (Chilled):

I’ve had Pork Kidney once or twice a long time ago, so I’m not an expert (paging @theoffalo :slight_smile:), but this was pretty good! The Pork Kidney was firm, meaty, and the Chili / Spice that they used was similar that red liquid hell in glass jars in many Chinese restaurants, LOL, not like the fresh Chilies seen in Szechuan / Hunan places.

Beef Shank with Soy Sauce (Chilled):

One of my friends really loves Beef Shank, but this version was a bit too dry. The actual flavoring seemed fine.

Shredded Pork with Rice Noodle (Chilled):

The waitress said the Noodles were made with Mung Beans, so I’m not sure why the menu said “Rice Noodles,” but regardless, this was pretty tasty. I’ve never had this type of preparation before (not sure how good this is compared to the best?), but the crunchy bits of Cucumbers, Carrots, Egg strips, and Cilantro all worked pretty well together with the Pork and the blast of Chinese Yellow Mustard was pretty awesome to make this a nice cooling Noodle dish on a hot day.

Beef Tendon with Green Onion:

This featured long-stewed Beef Tendon, piping hot and surrounded by a ring of Bok Choy. This was delicious with a nice Soy Sauce-based braise. :slight_smile:

We got sidetracked by the Dish of the Month theme, or else we would’ve ordered other dishes (so many interesting dishes there). TonyC and others have some recs? :slight_smile:

Beijing Restaurant
250 W Valley Blvd., Unit # B2
San Gabriel, CA 91776
Tel: (626) 570-8598

Bull Demon King

I LOL’d when I first heard about this restaurant name last year. :smile: I have no idea what significance it has for Chinese food, but we stopped by here to finish up a DOTM hunt. :wink:

Spicy Seasoned Tofu & Seaweed (Chilled):

I’ve had better versions of Chilled Chinese Seaweed. This one tasted a bit average and too salty. The Seasoned Tofu was the firm type, and was OK.

Chicken Cold Noodles:

Thanks to all the suggestions in the Nominations thread this month, we looked into a variety of Chinese Cold Noodle dishes and found this one. Listed as “Chicken Cold Noodles” on the menu, it’s a refreshing chilled Noodle dish, with slivers of Cucumbers and sliced chilled (cooked) Chicken. Bull Demon King (LOL) gives you 2 types of sauces to add to the mixture, a Sesame Sauce, and a Soy Sauce-based Sauce, that was salty and slightly piquant.

Mixing both of them together and you get this cooling, nutty Noodle dish with a ton of seasoned Chicken slices with a slight crunch from the Cucumbers. It was pretty addicting! :slight_smile:

If anyone has suggestions on better versions of this dish, please let me know!

Bull Demon King
5953 Temple City Blvd.
Temple City, CA 91780
Tel: (626) 286-4788

We also stopped by Sea Harbour during the weekend (pics in the other thread), and Bistro LQ Pop-Up. :slight_smile:



Caught the mythical smoked @J_L unicorn™ out in the wild #gottacatchemall Charred corn. smoked sea urchin bottarga. chives. :unicorn:

And another sighting… #godlessstingingmachines

veal tartare crostino. shallots. parsley. lemon. tonnato sauce.

Roasted Marrow Bone. spinach gnocchetti. crispy breadcrumbs. aged balsamic. Doing my part to reduce my carbon footprint by #goinggreen

Mussels and Clams. housemade spicy 'nduja sausage. fennel seed. preserved orange. grilled bread. Mad qpr.

Spaghetti Rustichella. sea urchin. garlic. calabrian chilies. squid ink bottarga. thai basil. #makingamericasafeagain

Peaches & Cream. sweet cream ice cream. cinnamon pecan macaron. roasted peach caramel. clotted cream.


You’re the BEST. Thank you.

That looks amazing. I want that sea urchin pasta, are there any leftover?

Is the namesake no good at that place? Or have you just eaten it too many times to reorder them? Kind of funny, from the name, and J Gold’s review I thought they pretty much just made Khinkali haha

Seems like the ying & yang might have been a little off on the cold dishes :relaxed:. Great report as usual!

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Great! That Peaches & Cream looked like the perfect finale.

Early Bird (Fullerton)
Frank Floyd - roasted portobello, sautéed spinach, smoked salmon, poached egg, bernaise; salad; broiled tomato

Duck confit hash - duck confit, skillet potatoes, arugula, sunny side up eggs

Double stack griddle cakes - strawberries and house-made whipped cream

S’mores pancakes (special) - chocolate, toasted marshmallows


Yeah, I know. Like @Chowseeker1999 I was a little focused on trying to fit the DOTM into my meal and kind of forgot about what they’re known for. Plus I saw that Pileli go by and had to have it. But it did have tiny dumplings in it :wink:.

[quote=“Chowseeker1999, post:23, topic:3912”]
This place still cracks us up. We last stopped by this place in the San Gabriel Valley maybe 3 years ago? It still looks like a bordello or something really gaudy. :pensive:
[/quote]I love that. But I’ve always been secretly into kitsch.

Ah shoot, that SideChick place is JLee’s? Should’ve popped in…

Finally made it to Pann’s for the Patty Melt / Onion Rings. Write-up over here, but spoiler alert: IT WAS GREAT.


General Tso’s Chicken (with Fried Rice & Egg Roll)

Chop Suey with BBQ Pork (with Chow Mein & Egg Roll)

An assortment of house made sauces

We tried the mediterranean salad from their Summer Menu, but it’s not worth veering from the Veggie Grill staples that are typically pretty solid. The dish was way too sweet, and they only give you three tiny lil falafel ballz. Live and learn and then get Luvs, I s’pose.