August 2019 Weekend Rundown




I want deep fried figs! I’m bringing some goat cheese with me.


My new favorite breakfast. Ouef frit frites.


Not deep fried or with goat cheese, but, this week at Felix, I had a marvelous crostone with ricotta, wild honey, black pepper, and figs ($15). The ricotta was so smooth that I had to double-check with the server to confirm that the cheese really was ricotta.

It turned out to be a fig-intensive week as I also had a terrific duck legs with caramelized figs at Birdie G and figs also made an appearance as part of the zensai course at Shunji


Had an okay brunch at Guerrilla Tacos. Mom’s breakfast was a nice homey platter, but nothing on it was executed particularly well. It was all just fine. The cocktails were the highlights.


Gjusta for dinner Friday - pate baguette, meatballs, kale salad, and white anchovy tomato confit toast.

White anchovy and tomato confit we’re definitely a highlight but everything there is always good.

Went to holbox for the umpteenth time today, ceviche, kanpachi collar, scallop taco, and octotaco. Everything on point as usual, still one of my favorite spots in LA. wasn’t outrageously busy which I feared after the bib gourmand award.

Also bang banged with la birria had two “spider tacos” was ok but birria and consommé were way oversalted.


Palm Springs road trip. Rooster And The Pig & Elmer’s.


That bo luc lac looks legit

Definitely checking that out next time we’re there.


Got two of the best cortados I’ve had in recent memory from Lord Windsor in Long Beach this weekend, on two separate days made by two different baristas. Very impressed with the quality of the espresso they’re roasting and pulling, and also with the super creamy but still light milk texture. They also sell little cans of single-origin cold brew which are pretty great, and at 8 oz for $3 they’re a pretty good deal relative to other fancy canned cold brew.


Han Yang

I love the mustard green kimchi and sullongtang here. The donkatsu is also good!


Got the lunch special of beef stew. Free refills on mentaiko and takana!!! Those 2 items are excellent with a bowl of some plain rice.


Homestyle sushi commonly seen at parties, potlucks, holidays, Grandma’s house, and Momma bentos. The California Roll is actually made with ebi instead of imitation krab.

Portugal Imports

Caldo Verde and egg tart. Egg tart is good but it would be great if it was warm. The soup is nice with pieces of sausage.


Rooster and the Pig is awesome. I always go to both of these spots when I’m out there.


Friday -
Picked up pizza from our local favorite, Pizzamania. This place does it right every time. Crispy crust that withholds the generous amount of toppings they pile on…and the pizza is still crispy and amazing the next day warmed in the oven. Paired with our house made salad because their salad is is just terrible.
Saturday -
Dinner at an old favorite…Clearman’s Steak N’ Stein. We had watched Tarantino’s Jackie Brown and realized that our favorite local steakhouse was featured in it. That prompted a dinner there. Great steaks and such great service every time we go. The bar makes solid old school cocktails. The cheese bread is crack, and they’re more than happy to pack some to go for you…they heat up for the most excellent breakfast sandwiches if you have leftover steak the next morning.
Sunday -
With a friend in town, we made a day of venturing out. We had breakfast at Fukagawa where the mackerel always steals the show and the dashimaki makes for an excellent way to finish off a meal. Stopped by Nagomi Cake house because one of the chowpups asked for cream puffs before running errands in the area.
Dinner was a bang-bang. Pho ga at Pho Hai Phong Noodles (thanks, @Chowseeker1999!) was great. That broth is something else. HP closed too early for us to make it there. And then ran to Mama Lu’s Dumpling House for three orders of dumplings and the string beans. It was a fun way to send our friend off.


I worked in Whittier years ago and spent many afternoons there with pizza and pitchers.


Over the last couple weekends

Industrial Eats in Buellton - this was a great place

Smoked pheasant salad

Little gem salad with boquerones, pancetta, egg

Sausage and fennel pizza - outstanding!

Pan bagnat - tuna, anchovy, arugula, egg


The burger - was humongous!

Open Sesame in Long Beach

The arayess a burger/pizza cross

Open sesame combo

Thrifty ice cream - mint chip and coconut pineapple

RIP Fiona, you will be missed


I was at Industrial Eats yesterday and had the gorgonzola, bacon and peach pizza. Was memorable! Also got the shrimp w/chile and white sea bass special. Super easy to get to off 101.


Had dinner at Pacific Dining Car for my free birthday entree offer. Really generous that they let you pick any entree on the menu so i went with the Cowboy steak which is $78. Steak was ok, a few notches below the other steakhouses around town. Dinner for two still cost me $170 after tip and tax for 2 people with 2 glasses of wine. Definitely wasn’t worth it.

the move for birthday entree is just go to there by yourself and sit at the bar…maybe grab a glass of wine and you’re only out 20 bucks.

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How do you get a free entree for your birthday dinner?

One of the best places to eat in not-so-Southern California. I love it.