August 2021 Rundown

Wishing everyone Happy Chowing as the summer (well in the Northern Hemisphere, anyways) rolls on. Busy these days at work, which equates to me doing more takeout than dining out…

Operating out of a small, plain stand next to a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Tacos Andino (West L.A.) offers their lucky customers magnificent carnitas, carne asada and pollo tacos, perfectly paired with their avocado sauce and onion salsa. Though humble in appearance, these fragrant homemade, corn tortilla-covered sensations pack huge bites! #RespectTheTaco #HugeBites #GloryWrappedInAluminumFoil

Lobster, yee mein, ginger, scallion, from Needle (Silver Lake)… #TooFullToBangBangAfterwards

Sushi omakase, seaweed salad, tai no arajiru (miso soup with red snapper collar) and nikujaga (Japanese beef and potato stew), from Kiriko Sushi (Sawtelle Japantown)… #LuxeTakeout


Isnt that the stand next to Tripp’s burgers?

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Taqueria el compita at pch and the 110 in lomita. Doing tacos al carbon tijuana style. Not as good as tire shop but I feel like very few al carbon places are. Still pretty good got both chorizo and asada, hand made tortillas.

There’s also about 10 other vendors in the parking lot including churros, a pastor and sombrero pot taquero and others. If you’re in the South Bay it’ll scratch that taco itch.



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Goodboybob Sunday brunch. Brisket benidict special was really awesome, a lot of great pickled veggies to set off the brisket + eggs and the usual XO Caesar salad and rolex chapati.


No photos.

Went to NBC Seafood for dim sum. No matter how many times I asked for hot mustard…. never came back with it.

Went to Mateo’s Ice Cream, the Sm Blvd location, for fruit bars.



watermelon kakigori, housemade watermelon syrup, condensed milk mix, lime cream and kuramoto ice from kanazawa japan
I’m glad kakigori is a thing now in la. this version was delicious, loved the lime cream on top. up there with some of the best I’ve had at majordomo. get it at katsu sando and a bang bang with prd would be perfect. @Hungrydrunk

the only problem is there’s no where to sit and eat the damn thing on premises, da fuk? you either have to stand outside on the sidewalk or frogger it across the street to far east plaza and hope you don’t spill it or it doesn’t melt too much. katsu sando if you’re doing kakigori you should really consider setting up some small tables outside, c’mon man.


Nice, man those Kuramoto ice guys are everywhere! They’re hustling out there


We might’ve just missed each other. Loved the kakigori.

Perfect amount of sweetness to me. Lime cream complemented the :watermelon: really well. And the syrup tasted just like watermelon juice without losing any freshness. As a bonus, you basically get a nice slushy on the bottom with watermelon balls and half melted shaved ice. :heart::heart_eyes::heart:


where did you eat yours?

Second floor of Far East Plaza under the shade :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


Damn that looks insanely good and refreshing. I really enjoyed my Thai Tea Kakigori at Majordomo. So I am pretty sure I’ll love this one.

thought you boys were sharing one together :wink: @PorkyBelly

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Hakata Izakaya Hero

pacific oysters
meaty and delicious, really liked the ponzu sauce.

assorted sashimi
this came with about eight different types of fish, but the hikarimono was crazy good. i believe they were flown in that day and so fresh i don’t think it was sujime’d at all.

grilled wild unagi, wasabi
nice fluffy texture with crispy skin, only wasabi and salt were needed. excellent.

ebi chili
this was fine

pork belly and scallion
fine, a bit under seasoned.

teba gyo - jidori stuffed chicken wing gyoza
highlight, so good :heart: :blush: :heart:
i’ll be ordeing more of these next time.



Look at the number of spoons!


clearly @moonboy403’s kakigori had more loft than mine :poop:


Nanbankan West LA - I can’t believe I didn’t discover this place sooner. I no longer have to drive all the way down to Torrance to get my yakitori fix. Great food & service - have already gone back and can’t wait to go back again.


their pricing is pretty reasonable too!

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Definitely. We’ve been averaging $60-$80pp all in, and have been eating and tipping well.


NBK is a treasure.
While I prefer Yakitori-ya’s chicken and soboro don, the very strong vegatable/lambchop/seafood/kitchen program at NBK make it easy-ish for me overlook the frozen chicken.