August 2022 Rundown

ramen shack

tori chintan tsukemen
special thanks to @noddles for the special delivery.






RIP Ramen Shack (last day was July 30)…


湯 (in Chinese, at least) is soup.

清湯 is clear or light broth (again in Chinese, at least).


Damn that place was so good the one time I went :frowning:

Have a Dodger Dog this weekend for Vin. Man that voice. Still have memories of laying down on the couch as a kid watching the Dodgers and listening to Vin slowly falling asleep


I’m just gonna leave this here. The sushi wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be.


You should have added a bunch of soy sauce to that plate and some sriracha for the hell of it


I love lox with garlic and herb cream cheese


Venice x Centinela triple bang

In front of Mitsuwa tonight we’ve got 3 vendors: the taco stand that’s usually there ft braised meats + Al pastor, takuma’s burger and a seemingly generic JFC.

  1. Taco stand - pretty good Al pastor actually. Nice char, better than average tortillas, plentiful meat. $2 a pop - better than my 2019/2020 Leo’s trips.

  2. Takuma - skipped the burger but got the takoyaki. Might be the best I’ve had in the city so far…almost shatteringly crisp exterior, fantastic.

  3. JFC - when I finally approached I realized their gimmick was using a dry ramen crust. Well damn it actually worked here, because it was also on top of excellently marinated and cooked chicken. I am amazed by what this one dude can do on this very, very street setup.

Would eat at all 3 again.


The $14 lunch special at Tavern Tomoko; one of my favorite restaurant burgers, excellent fries, but instead of the fountain drink I chose the $3 upgrade to a 10 oz pour of Ladyface IPA.

In Noho I highly recommend The District Pub, They really only serve two things, burgers and sausages, but they do both extremely well. My favorite is the cheddarwurst, a bratwurst with jalapenos and cheddar built in. It comes beautifully crisp and the juices burst into your mouth with the first bite. They also make the best fries I know of in LA. Sorry for the bad picture, but the room was very dark. The white stuff is garlic aioli I had just smeared on the sausage. I should have taken the picture first.


Still my favorite fried chicken in LA.

Go Go Bird cooks when you order so the chicken is fresh and hot.
Great sides including the mashed potato with curry gravy.
Founded by Brandon Kida of “Hinoki and the Bird” and Gunsmoke.

Great location in Citizen Public Marker so my wife can get Uni and Oysters at Jolly Oyster and the kids and I can grub fried chicken.


Looks great!! I dunno if I hit it on an off day, but I found it bland. I has high hopes for the sauces too and none knocked me out. Their Biscuit however is first rate!


I am more in @Dommy’s camp. This bird didn’t wow me. But I love Gunsmoke’s fried quail.

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This is in my chriashi bowl. They said i can just eat it. I just chow down?


Yes. Crunchy goodness.

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Sawagani crab. Yum. Eat it stat.

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Had some holbox on Friday. Not much to say that hasn’t been said other than it was too hot to get sopa mariscos which made me sad.

They are bringing back their tasting menu back in September.

If you haven’t been, check it out. If you have been, go again!


My friend brought these from Lebanon. Only 1 kilo. Wish it was 10 kilos. The baklava is amazing. Drool.


They look divine!

A weekend of drinks and meals with friends…

The Olive (Downey) -
Lebanese mule: gin, smoked date molasses, ginger beer
A very refreshing cocktail on a warm summer evening.

Didn’t take photos of food but the loaded labne and the fresh, fluffy pitas are a delight! Fried potatoes are also very good snacks.

Xecora (Downey) -
Mojito exotico: rum, passionfruit, watermelon, mint
IG friendly drinks…this tasted like a kids’ juice box to me.

No food photos, but you’re not missing out on much here. It’s one of those IG places where people (i.e. a selection of my friends) go for the photos. I’ve been twice and have not been impressed.

Taps (Brea) -
Things have changed here…it’s still good, but perhaps not as good as beforetimes. They do open for breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition to Sunday Brunch.
For about $20 (including tax & tip) you can do a full breakfast plate and get fresh cinnamon rolls as bread service. Come late enough and you can have that and the hot sourdough and oil-balsamic-spice mix.
Add on another $20 and it’s a bottle of sparkling wine with mimosa juices to have your own fun.
Service here is still very good.