August 2023 Rundown

brace yourself, fall isn’t coming


Oliboli Doughnuts (Tustin)

Peach is the flavor of the month!

The peach glazed could be more peachy.

The pêche fraîche was pretty spectacular. Warm sourdough doughnut with juicy slices of glazed ripe peaches and a crème fraîche mix piped on top. Loved the crunch of the toasted sliced almonds.

I have never seen my sibling consume doughnuts so enthusiastically.

Also pictured: Meyer Lemon, Harry’s Berries, Peach Cake & Bumbleberry.


Yum Salut

Already ate before coming here so I just got the Khao Soi. Nice broth. Would have liked the noodles a little bit longer and more tbh. You cannot slurp these proper. Like there was like less than 10 smal pieces of rice noodles. Also I received no chopsticks or napkins. Had to ask for chopsticks from the other vendor.

Mango Sticky Rice. “Hey can I get some napkins and utensils?”. I guess you are suppose to get a caddy of utensils and sauces???!!? They wheeled over a caddy from another table. That would have been nice to get in the beginning lol I did like the this dish


Koreatown pizza - the Kingsley: kbbq beef, corn cheese, fried crown onion, sweet potato mousse stuffed crust. It’s epic, worthy of kings lol


after a few weeks of travel, nothing hits like Korean or Thai food. Mul naengmyeon from Lee Ga. I liked the noodle texture quite a bit.


We have an elderly Italian friend (he’s from Rome) who’s staying with us and his birthday is in a few days!

Where in Orange County is there a really good Italian restaurant? Preferably a place that can speak Italian and good service.

So far I’m thinking of Pizzeria Mozza in Newport, though I’m not sure there are anyone there that can speak Italian. Or Pizzeria Bianco in LA, though that’s a far drive.


Some ideas on this list…

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I just had a terrific tamal from my local Vallarta It’s the special green hatch chili. It also had corn, but no cheese in the masa. Nice bite, not greasy - will consume again.

Generally, I think Vallarta has very strong entries in their prepared food sections.


Speak cheezy pretty good but not great pizzas. Maybe it was user error on the toppings but the pizza seemed less than the sum of its parts. Sourdough crust did have a nice chew and tang to it.

Soft serve was fantastic but also 6 something.


This was a good weekend of eating!

A Ukranian neighbor said that Solidarity is pretty good for Eastern European. Partner and I did not particularly enjoy it (my memory is I liked Traktir much more, although I think the food was quite different and thus not entirely comparable). I think that’s about all care to say about the place for now.

Many thanks to @J_L for mentioning Dong Ting on another thread! We like it so much we’ve been there twice over the past wk. Portions are not small. I do not recommend getting the rice noodles (which are oddly slick) for the crispy beef; the sauce sticks much better to the alkaline noodles. Can’t wait for them to start serving the chilled sago soup dessert (it was greyed out on the menu on these two trips).

Saw this while walking around in the area. I assume a Cococane clone?

That’s an awfully large branzino in there! We got a regular-sized one. :slight_smile:

Today’s meals made at home. Greens and tomatoes from the Farmer’s Market and burrata from Gioia Bristol Farms for lunch. Balsamic reduction on top.

Lobster tail (on sale a Bristol Farms), corn from Underwood Family Farms, and (obviously) mashed potatoes. Not pictured: us pouring the melted better infused w/ a bit of lobster essence from broiling the lobster on top of the potatoes. :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure the branzino was sharing space with salmon.


I was wondering! I was like, WTF??? Guess I should’ve put it together from the signage. :slight_smile: I am not good w/ wildlife. :wink:


What is crown onion?

blooming onion?


Who would’ve guessed that a pizza place (Upper Crust) would have a good hot chicken sandwich???


La Azteca chile relleno burrito. It still hits but lately I been craving some bean and cheese.


Agreed. I love their torta Cubana.

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July was my favorite month, but August is pretty fun so far.

Kouraku - Tenshin Chahan Annkake
*Everyday: 11:30am - 10pm, Fri & Sat: til midnight.

Perilla LA - top 2: Meiji Tofu with Meat Sauce, Rolled Egg
*Wed-Sun: 11am - 5pm

Needle LA - Fried Chicken!!!, Beef & Onion Rice, Green Beans and all the sides
*Thu-Sun: 11am - 9pm

Endorffeine - April Hand brew and Sey Ice Espresso
*Fri - Mon: 9am - 6pm

Needle LA - Char Siu Rice!!!, Chow Udon and all the sides
*Thu-Sun: 11am - 9pm

Needle opens until 9pm, which makes August a lot more fun for me.


Vegetarian combo at Rosalind’s in Little Ethiopia was great last night. Enjoyed it after a long walk in the back streets of Carthay Circle…the place always looks dim/empty from the outside but usually seems to do pretty solid to-go business.


Company lunch today was Irrawaddy Taste of Burma. Delicious food especially after the drive from Stanton to Irvine. First time eating Burmese food but won’t be my last.
Tea leaf salad
Beef curry
Garlic noodles
Tea leaf chicken
Coconut jelly for dessert