Austin restaurant recs

To be fair, it was topped with a paper-thin slice of ham.

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Olamaie. I liked this a lot. One of my favorite restaurants in Austin so far. Food ranged from pretty good (butter beans) to great (my God, the chocolate sorbet). Pretty good wine list.

Bufalina: doesn’t take reservations, 1:15 wait time. A restaurant that doesn’t respect its customers IMO and that I will never eat at.

Habanero. Boring and basic Tex-Mex.

Back to Olamaie. Really good. I recommend.

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Este. Popular Mexican seafood place. Pretty good, nothing special. Good flavors but ordinary ingredients and execution (salmon was bland and over cooked). I think Damian in LA is better.

Lenoir. In the upper half of restaurants I’ve been to in Austin. Not the upper quarter. But it was a restaurant where I had an a-ha moment: I like Austin. It’s quirky, it has character. This restaurant is doing some good things and was just off on some dishes, maybe because they aren’t perfectionists? They have some clever Asian-inspired ideas. I’d go back. But my primary recommendation is: go to Olamaie.

Perry’s. It’s a steakhouse. It has standard steak and sides, a vintageless list of Napa cabernets, and everything else you would expect from a generic steakhouse. But I confess: I liked it.

Launderette: this was a step below most of the other restaurants I’ve tried. Not bad but it would not be a top choice.

Hestia (redux). This gets my vote for best restaurant in Austin. Olamaie and Odd Duck are also contenders.

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Bufalina. The food was good, the wine list was excellent, and the people were very nice — even though they don’t take reservations. I would go back. Just not on a Friday / Saturday night.

did yall move to austin???

Nope. I just post Austin reviews because we’ve already expressed our opinions on most noteworthy LA restaurants that we’ve been to. When we go to a new, noteworthy LA restaurant we tend to post about it.

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fair enough… your austin efforts are appreciated!