Avocado Toast

I admit, I am late to the game on this one.

But I’m starting to really dig the now passé and overplayed (and what is essentially) chunky guacamole on good bread.

I go to Blacktop Coffee, more out of convenience and location than anything else. But it’s really pretty fantabulous. The avocado, in chopped up chunks, seasoned well with salt, garnished with radishes and pickled onions, and some greens for decoration, comes spread generously on a slice of bread cut thick from a loaf of country bread from nearby Bread Lounge. I get it with a poached egg (sometimes 2 if I have extra allowance money), and a flat white, and I’m more than happy to mingle amongst the hipster-elite there.

But I know there are many other places for toast, but can they offer a better iteration?

Would love to hear it, if so.

If you’re ever in Berkeley, Bartavelle’s is mysteriously superior. I’ve done what seems like exactly the same thing at home and it’s never as good.


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The Gjelina group and Superba Food & Bread will have it as long the avocados are happening.

I don’t do toast but I’m sure Lodge Bread kills it. I was initially skeptical when I saw their pricing even going so far as to bash them based on price and hipsterosity alone - but the truth is those guys are good dudes and even at $7/loaf vs. $4/loaf at Bread Lounge I feel like it’s the best deal in town. Total fucking addict for their bread. Once paid $3.50 for an oatmeal cookie there. Hint of cardamom - worth every fucking penny. And trust me I am the cheapest motherfucker on this board full of $500 omakase circle jerkers.


Oh, we’ll see about that, once I get a chance to try Lodge… :wink: ::snort::

Thanks for mentioning Lodge Bread - totally slipped my mind. They do a beautiful job on their toasts - very thick slices of bread. Same dough but baked in a Pullman loaf pan. Based on bread alone, I give the edge to Lodge over Gjelina - just personal preference. Softer than the round country style boules at the others I mentioned so it is easier to keep the toast and its ingredients together. Of course the bread is fantastic I flavor as well.

Superba Food & Bread’s version made me an avocado toast believer. Pickled fresno chiles and sprouts on top.

I’m a fan of the version at sqirl

If I wasn’t watching my weight, I would eat 10 avocado toasts every day. Avocado toast is probably the best dish in the world after pasta with pesto and biryani. But I digress. Where to eat avocado toast? One place you can eat it is at LA Chapter, the restaurant in the Ace Hotel. But you’re probably best off making it yourself, just the way you like it. Imagine toasting some bread from Bay Cities, spreading on mashed Haas avocados, sprinkling it with a fruity Spanish olive oil, hot paprika, Maldon flakes, and chopped parsley. One day scientists will find a way that I can eat anything I want without gaining weight and without puking, and all I’ll do is eat avocado toast. Until then, I’ll puke like the Romans.

I discovered the other day that mashed avocados on scallion pancakes is quite the yummy mouthful.


That sounds… amazing actually, LOL. @ipsedixit quick! open a food truck! :slightly_smiling:

Ok, but I need to get my driver’s license first.


That’s the thing to get for me at Highland Park Brewery if i’m ever really in need for a snack (though usually i’d rather get sauced and walk down to the huaracheria