Awash, East 6th St

Just a quick post to mention that I was part of a group celebrating a friend’s birthday there this past Tuesday. Despite how close it is to my apartment, I hadn’t eaten there. It was possibly the best Ethiopian food I had had so far in Manhattan, probably better than my previous favorite, Zoma (though to be fair, I should try visiting Abyssinia, further up in Harlem, which a friend who used to live in Eritrea considers his favorite). Their injera was the sourest and most delicious I’ve ever had. We shared some appetizers and 4 big combos, and the food was all delicious and very savory, with excellent spiciness in the dishes that called for it. My only complaint, and it’s a slight one, is that their tej (mead/honey wine) was quite syrupy, though good, and I prefer the kind that’s like a crisp dry wine with just a bit of honey taste. It’s taking me days to lose back the 4 pounds I gained that day, but on a basis of deliciousness, I highly recommend Awash.