AYCE Korean BBQ?

My son loves Park’s BBQ but wants to try AYCE Korean BBQ. What do you recomended? Help…



I always hear 2 names when it comes to AYCE

Road To Seoul

Anyone else has friends/family who are disappointed or not interested in by the plate Korean BBQ?

“Let’s go to Soowon”
“Is it AYCE?”
“No it’s by the plate, real high quality, the best KBBQ in LA imo”
End of Discussion


they’re interested in eating it, just not interested in paying for it.


I have a friend who comes to LA once a year and insists on getting a group together to eat at Hae Jang Chon. I stopped suggesting Park’s, Soot Bull Jeep, Kang Hodong, etc. – he is not interested in quality. He is interested in quantity. Although I personally never feel the urge to go there on my own, the annual meal there is perfectly decent. Nothing to write home about, but certainly not bad.

Last year, I went to Road to Seoul with some friends prior to seeing Delusion, as it was close to the venue. I do not remember the food at all. What I do remember is the never ending loop of what sounded like a Sandstorm/Venga Boys/Zombie Nation mashup, and turned up to 11. Yes, that is all that I remember.

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I can understand that sentiment - sometimes you just want 10 plates of brisket/pork belly/short rib and don’t want to spend $120 for that privilege.


Jjukku Jjukku



Thanks to all…I will report back!

Yikes…:grimacing: No “Delerium - Silence” remixes?

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I would have welcomed that even! LOL

Found an very nice AYCE $15 lunch at Hanjip starting Friday July 14th -July 28th for DineLA. ($29 at Dinner)


Would definitely go to hae jong chon over road to Seoul. I find the meat better, with more options and kimchi fried rice at the end

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Good to know. Thanks.

Hae Jong Chon uses stone grill vs Road to Seoul’s use of metal grill. See photos from Yelp below.


Grilling results on a piece of thick stone will be significantly different from grilling on thin metal.


My korean friend says Jjukku Jjukku BBQ is the place for AYCE BBQ now. They use coal in their grills which adds a nice smokey flavor. Basic AYCE is $20 while the premium menu is $32.99 and includes prime rib eye and prime short rib.


Do they take reservations? That was another selling point for Oo-kook.

Jjukku Jjukku is probably the best AYCE in terms of meat quality, and they do indeed use charcoal in their grill (though it doesn’t have much impact as other charcoal places like Soot Bull Jeep and non-AYCE places). Their sides are pretty bad though.

Hae Jang Chon has that stone grill and kimchi fried rice, but their meat quality is pretty poor in my opinion.

Stone Grill on Vermont has some decent quality meat, but it tastes a little off, the pictures of the meat look good though.

As echoed earlier on this thread, after eating at one of these places, I just have the feeling that I wish I went to Gwang Yang or Ahgassi instead, but obviously a lot pricier.

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This is a good thread. There are a couple of good AYCE KBBQ I haven’t heard of. It’s always Road to Seoul.

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I’m thinking of trying Hanjip for this DineLA deal solo for lunch tomorrow… but if anyone would like to join me…