AYCE Sushi - Goyemon

For those of us who value quantity in food, there’s simply no greater joy than to hit up an AYCE restaurant. Where do I turn to when I’m in Vegas and craving for massive amount of sushi for cheap? Enter the not so distant off-strip joint: Goyemon.

At $21.95 for lunch and $26.95 for dinner, you may indulge in a variety of unlimited appetizers such as grilled mushrooms, shishito peppers, dynamite, shrimp tempura, grilled calamaris, seaweed salad, takoyaki, miso soup, crap load of nigiri (27 kinds), rolls, mochi ice cream, tempura ice cream, and MANY MANY more items. You even get 1 order of salmon and sometimes yellowtail collar per person.

I’ve frequented this joint and their sister restaurant Sushi-Mon (on Maryland) since the beginning of time. The only drawback of this place is the insane wait time at night (up to 2 hours at times) but they do close at 3AM. On the other hand, you’re guaranteed to get a seat without waiting if you come right when they open at 11:45AM for lunch.

Don’t get me wrong, it ain’t gonna rival any legit sushiya. The rice is packed too tightly and temperature isn’t right. You might even wonder why umami’s so lacking in some fish like the tuna, but guess what? It ain’t bluefin and these probably weren’t aged either. However, if you’re not a sushi snob, you’ll most likely be satisfied with what you get here. There’s gotta be something you’ll like here.


5255 S Decatur Blvd
Ste 118-119
Las Vegas, NV 89118


Is that mirugai (geoduck) nigiri i see?

Haha. I’m positive that it’s a no and to be honest, I can’t tell really tell what some of these are either looking at the pictures. Whenever I’m there, I kinda just go down the list and order all the nigiris and certainly didn’t pay too much attention to what I was eating for the most part. :joy: