Baar Baar (Indian DTLA)

Warrior: good restaurant. I think everyone here will like it. Best dish tonight was the pinwheel paneer. 5.3 Warrior Points.


second visit was equally good.

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That looks really good!

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Warrior: this food is wicked good. Best butter chicken I’ve had by a wide margin. The mango chili sorbet was amazing. The kofta was great too.


Excited to try. The NY one started great (they did these amazing set dinners or a bunch of smaller versions of the dishes) then it rapidly descended into a clubstaurant and I walked by on Saturday night when I happened to be in the city visiting family and it was EMPTY

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The prawns and lamb kabob were my favorite things. The only thing I tried that was pictured above was the butter chicken, which was indeed very good. Even though the butter chicken was somehow $36 for that dish alone, I thought the overall bill was reasonable.


We loved it.

Chutneys were great

Shrimp are incredible, Pinwheel Paneer, Butter Chicken, Branzino in Banana leaf (table favorite), Duck Taco (table favorite), Fava and Corn Kofta - excellent, Lamb Keema…all so good.


Went to Baar Baar tonight and fully enjoyed it everything was good. Service was uneven and we had to wait a bit to be seated for our reservation and it took forever for us to get a drink at the bar.

They were however very hospitable and nice and even comped a dish that came out slow. Would definitely go back the vibe, food, drinks are definitely worth exploring further.


My girlfriend and I had late evening plans in Pasadena and wanted to grab an earlier dinner somewhere on the way over. Baar Baar has been on my list for a while, so it seemed like an opportune time. They were running an early seating prix fixe for $65/pp and a late seating prix fixe for $125/pp.

We got:

Butternat squash shorba

Potato tikki chat
Kashmiri lamb ribs

Cauliflower mussallam
Butter chicken
served with pancheml dal, saffron rice, 2 types of naan

Cashew cake
Coconut & persimmon meringue

Everything except the dessert was fantastic. Definitely the best Indian food I have eaten in LA. The closest comp I can think of in LA is Badmaash (which I enjoy), but that’s selling this place short. Baar Baar is better and more refined in every regard compared to Badmaash. Good value for $65 per person - it was a really solid amount of food. May or may not write more later, but I highly recommend this place – check it out before it turns into a clubstaurant!

For sake of comparison, here’s the late seating menu…one more course (and a champagne toast) for nearly double the price?


Baar Baar the night before nye very delicious. Butter chicken was not as good as last time. Sauce was a bit muted and flavor did not pop as much. Highlight was the avocado bhel.

I’m not usually so much of a vibe person but the vibes in there are outstanding and definitely a contrast to most other hip restaurants in LA more of a grand/east coast feel.

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Try Khan Saab Desi in Fullerton if you’re in the area. I remember it being on par with Baar Baar. Khan Saab Desi Craft Kitchen – Fullerton - a MICHELIN Guide Restaurant

Closer to home, Mayura, Arth, and Spice Affair are worth a try but aren’t in the same league IMO.

A restaurant I haven’t gone to but plan to soon is Bhookhe. Artesia’s Rajasthani restaurant Bhookhe serves a thali feast - Los Angeles Times (

I’m not a fan of Badmaash. I would vote for pretty much any Indian restaurant over Badmaash.

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Peony and I would both vote for Baar Baar over Bhookhe, recognizing that it’s apples and oranges. But Bhookhe is a good experience and worth the drive. Something else to see down there is the Cerritos sculpture garden.

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For those interested in Bhookhe there is an Indian classical music concert nearby in Cerritos on March 24 at 3 pm.

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